How the Passion Planner Saved Me

Growing up I could never keep a planner long term. I would buy one only for the sake of buying one. I liked giving myself the illusion that I was being “productive.” In reality, I was wasting my money, until I stumbled upon the right planner. I now utilize my passion planner religiously. The layout is perfect for me because I am able to map out my future goals and still stay on task with my academic assignments.


I believe finding the perfect planner is definitely trial and error. It also involves researching and knowing yourself. For example, I prefer planners that not only include space for infinite possibilities, but also have monthly reflection questions. This way, I know what I have to improve on. After, tossing one planner to another, I realized something about myself. I am not fond of planners that only have calendars and nothing more. I know some people like to create their own layout, but personally I love planners that have questions and boxes that are targeted towards specific tasks. I feel less intimidated. Empty planners give me anxiety. I don’t know what to write!

A huge mistake I made in the past was buying a planner because of how “pretty” it looked. DO NOT make the same mistake as me. The content within the planner is what really matters. You could have the most glamorous and eye catching planner, but if the structure and organization of the planner isn’t effective, then it's not worth it.

Also, I know there are some people who do not like to write things down, let alone keep track of their tasks. But I highly suggest exploring the world of planners and digital planners within your phone. Once you find the right planner for yourself, you will feel extremely inspired and motivated.​