How to Donate to Hurricane Relief

Though it has been a couple of weeks since we last heard news on hurricane victims and devastation, we cannot forget that help is still needed now more than ever. Hurricane Harvey destroyed approximately 185,149 homes, leaving 364,000 registering for assistance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). According to CNN, Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean islands—in Cuba alone food security has been threatened, 132 schools suffered severed damages and most of the country is without electricity. And on September 20th, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, destroying whole communities, isolating them without any access to cell service.  

As time goes by, media channels stop reporting on the destruction and it can be easy to succumb to the idea that if they don’t report, it’s taken care of. But that is not the case and helping victims  becomes more pertinent as time passes. Helping these communities can involve a variety of tasks such as donating money, blood, volunteering your time, and offering a place to stay. Here are researched and credible places to send your donations and ways to help out:

The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund: “100% of your contributions will go as direct financial aid to those in need. Howard Lutnick and Cantor Fitzgerald will match up to $5 Million of donations made.” This is a one-stop shop—you can donate to one or all of the major recent hurricanes.

The Houston Food Bank works “ to make food accessible to hungry people in their greatest times of need.”

Support local shelters in Houston that need your help: Adopt from Harris County Animal Shelter,  donate to SPCA of Brazoria County.

Open your home to Hurricane Irma and Maria victims with AirBnb: Ability to participate through October 12th.

Donate blood through OneBloodOther blood centers can only assist OneBlood if they have extra blood available to send to Florida. This is why a ready blood supply across the nation is imperative.

Google has partnered with Center for Disaster Philanthropy, a charitable nonprofit which receives and distributes the money to local relief efforts. When you google “Hurricane Maria” a quick and secured ‘Donate’ button pops up. You can read more here.

For more opportunities to support Hurricane Maria relief efforts, you can browse through various GoFundMe fundraisers.

Remember: Natural disasters may come and go, but their effects are felt long after the wreckage and people need your help.

[Feature Image by Unsplash]