Here’s How You Can Get Free Coffee On May 12th

On Friday, May 12th, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Peet’s Coffee is hosting a “Sip Free” event at participating locations.

The Sip Free event, which is exactly what it sounds like ~free coffee~ will offer guests the chance to try Peet’s newest creation – fog-inspired summer beverages.

“Peet’s Coffee is excited to roll out in its coffeebars a superior and smooth cold brew line that playfully nods to the elemental nature of San Francisco and reaffirms our position as ‘Destination Cold Brew,’” Liz Berman,Vice President, Retail Marketing, Peet's Coffee said in a press release. “We are proud that Cold Brew Fog, Cold Brew Fog Latte, and Mojito Black Tie offer a premium experience for any coffee lover, especially those seeking a light and refreshing way to escape the summer heat this season.”

Cold Brew Fog: "East African Baridi Blend whipped until velvety smooth with a hint of chicory to complement a creamy body."

Cold Brew Fog Latte: "A dressed up Fog with a touch of milk for a pearly frostiness."

Mojito Black Tie (which is definitely Insta-worthy): "Baridi cold brew with a hint of minty mojito, layered atop sweetened condensed milk and finished with a float of half and half."

In addition, from May 19th to August 25th Peet’s will also offer a BOGO on any beverage, any size.

Drink up my friends, finals will be over before you know it.

[Feature Image by Pexels]