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A few weeks ago, HCTNS hosted a zine-making workshop led by one of our writers. Sitting still for about an hour and catching up with my fellow chapter members while focusing on a little project was super relaxing, and as finals season comes to a close (finally!), I will definitely be hosting more crafternoons for myself and my friends to decompress. So, if you’re also in the mood to get off of your laptop and jump over to the creative side, check out the ideas below for some affordable and relaxing fun. 



If you have a piece of printer paper and a pen, then you’ve got what it takes to make a zine! Zines date back all the way to the 1930s and have spanned a number of genres—sci-fi, politics, literature, and so much more. For more on the history of zines, click here

Whether you want to distribute a zine to gain momentum for your activism or to share your poetry with friends, it’ll only take you about an hour to fill up the eight small pages of your book. First, you’ll want to fold your paper into a little book. Then, fill it with whatever you want! Looking for some inspiration? Check out our Events highlight on @hctns.



The moment I saw air-dry ceramics pop up in my feed, I knew I needed to buy a block of clay. Working with air-dry clay, such as this one, isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need are your hands, a little bit of water, something akin to a rolling pin, and a few other tools (I DIY-ed my own kit with a butter knife, a ruler, and some string.). Your imagination has no limit when it comes to ceramics—make a plate or bowl for your coffee table, or surprise your friends with some super cute handmade coasters. Paint cute designs on your pieces and I promise they’ll look like they cost you at least a hundred bucks.



This one is sort of self explanatory, but I wanted to highlight some Etsy shops specializing in jewelry-making kits. For the cost of dinner, you could get hundreds of beads and charms to turn into wearable art. Have your friends over for a night of necklace making, and sport your new baubles on your coffee run the next day. Have your eye on one of those super dainty colorful bracelets? Try this kit out. For a set of earrings and a necklace on the beachier side, take a look at this kit. And if stones are more your thing, the options are endless with this one



Similar to zines, if you have a piece of paper and a pen, you can make a set of greeting cards to use throughout the year. Want to step it up a notch? Invest in some cardstock and a set of watercolors. Brighten your parents day by sending them a cute little note embellished with some flowers. Turn your canvas into a birthday masterpiece with a slice of cake and champagne flutes. In the digital age, nothing feels more heartfelt than getting something in the mail, even if it’s just an envelope. Plus, a handmade card will warm the hearts of your loved ones even more, especailly if you haven't seen them in a while. You’ll never forget to send anyone a card ever again! Maybe…

Claudia Langella is a Literary Studies major at Lang and is the Chapter Leader of HCTNS. When she's not writing, it's likely you'll find her in the kitchen or taking long walks in the city.
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