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Fall Fashion in NYC

As New York City women, we are bombarded with images, sounds, artists, and experiences that influence our sense of style. Whether you’re a fashion design major at Parsons, an economics major at Lang, or a Fine Arts student combining Jazz and sociology, chances are you’ve noticed how flamboyant the women and men around you are when it comes to personal style.

This kind of freedom to tell a story through clothing is one of the many perks of living in NYC. No one will judge you because everyone appreciates a guy or gal who makes bold choices. Inspired by fashion week, in New York and around the globe, and the creativity found hiding within the crevices of The New School, we’ve compiled a list of the ultimate fall wardrobe trends and must-haves. 

Slip Dresses Over T-Shirts

One of my favorite parts of this trend is that it doesn’t necessarily involve going out and buying something new. You can grab your favorite summer slip dress and the comfiest long sleeve t-shirt you own and be set for the fall season. With a denim or faux leather jacket to top it off, there’s no question that you’ll get a handful of compliments as you stroll through Union Square.

Velcro Sneakers

As city girls, we have mastered the art of finding the cutest ways to style comfortable shoes in order to be able to manage the miles of walking we do while still looking put together. If (like me) you haven’t taken your sneakers off since moving to the city, you’ll be happy to know that one of the hottest shoes for the fall/winter season is the velcro sneaker. While velcro may bring flashbacks of your elementary school footwear choices, designers all over the world have been releasing some of the most stylish sneakers you have ever seen. Plus, you no longer have to worry about your shoelaces coming undone right as you’re walking onto a crowded subway platform!


From shoes, to flared pants, to bodysuits, fashion and velvet are in complete unison at the moment. You’ll find velvet in all your favorite stores and in every corner you can think of. So if you’re someone who loves to add a little texture to the mix, this is definitely the way to do it.

Metallic Madness

While velvet may be the fabric of the season, if we had to pick a hue, it would undoubtedly be anything metallic. Bomber jackets, sneakers, and accessories have all picked up on the color palette of the season that will surely make you stand out in the busy Manhattan streets. Styling your outfit around a metallic statement piece is a great way to incorporate your existing basics with new trends.


Although shopping for a few new pieces every season is undoubtedly a fantastic feeling, hunting for hidden treasures in the city’s thrift stores is nothing short of a good time, either. Vintage shopping will not only help you find one-of-a-kind pieces to amp up your fall wardrobe, but it’s also a far more sustainable choice in the long run. Our campus happens to be located near some of the best consignment stores in the city, including Cure, No Relation, and Housing Works.

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