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Dreamer Boy is the Down-to-Earth Pop Artist You Need To Know

Passionate about making music and building a community, Nashville artist Dreamer Boy is making (sound) waves in the music industry. With a new album on the way, the singer-songwriter speaks on the importance of building relationships with fans and people in their life, fashion, video games, and self-love.


For Zach Taylor, also known as Dreamer Boy, making and producing music is a process of “throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks; it’s a collage of different genres and exploring different corners of their spirit and soul with different genres.” Unlike their previous singles, such as Crybaby, a song about “feeling far from someone who you care about and having peace with the people that are in your life right now,” this new album has a nostalgic feel that will have listeners reminiscing on the past and features hints of various genres. While the songs were finished prior to the pandemic, the album has, admittedly, taken on new meaning due to the world adapting to the situation. Like many of us, Dreamer Boy has taken on new hobbies throughout quarantine with newfound time at home. They were able to discover a new love for fashion and its ability to allow for self-expression (including wearing a fantastic knit hat made by their friend to the interview call–iconic), as well as playing video games and watching YouTubers play their favorite games. 


The artist aims to support and uplift their fans in order to bring people together and encourage self-love. Their mission has sparked the creation of their private community ‘All The Ways We Are Together’ in which fans can connect with one another and attend recurring weekly Zoom calls with Zach on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Members can join the community by requesting @allthewayswearetogether on Instagram, and fans are able to speak with the artist via DM. Dreamer Boy emphasized their mission to encourage everyone to see their “unique love [they are able] to give and express” and to seek mentors you look up to that are able to provide feedback and advice, as well as to “fake it ’til you make it” and keep persevering. 


Dreamer Boy can be found on the following social platforms:

Instagram – @dreamerboyblue and @allthewayswearetogether

Spotify – Dreamer Boy

Twitter – @dreamerboyblue

YouTube – Dreamer Boy

Sierra (‘CeCe’) is a writer for The New School’s HerCampus chapter, and a member of the InfluenceHer Collective, Campus Trendsetters, and College Fashionista programs. She has formerly been a part of the High School Ambassadors program (now renamed HerFuture) and has been with HerCampus since her sophomore year of high school. She primarily writes articles on sustainability and environmentalism, fashion, music, and being a college student (go Narwhals!). She has previously studied at the University of the Arts London for Fashion Studies and Pratt Institute. She can be found in New York City at concerts or listening to true crime podcasts outside of class. Feel free to reach out to her for advice, suggestions, or to say hey! Her Instagram is @cecewarsh.
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