Dream House Museum

The Dream House, two box-like rooms with intense incense and peculiar light installations, is a place of zen, relaxation, and psychedelic vision. The Dream House is located on Church Street in the heart of Tribeca, though the exact location of the place can be hard to find. The entrance is through a black door and one must be buzzed in before being allowed to enter, only adding to the mystery and allure it exudes once you step inside. After climbing up the narrow stairwell, a young man greets you and lays down the rules: no shoes, no noise, and no electronic devices (no pictures!). The best part of the whole exhibit, other than the art of course, is the fact that the entrance is free. That definitely makes up for the lack of pictures.

The light and sound installations are ever-changing, but this particular exhibit I experienced was a memorable one. Once you’ve gotten past the young man at the door, you walk down a dimly lit, pink fused hallway which leads to a carpeted room with four symmetrical walls. The scent of incense is heavy and the soundwaves constantly droning from the speakers resonate along your body, even as you lie still on the provided pillows. This is a place of ultimate relaxation and riveting artful modernity, and I recommend you try it out. Trust me, you won’t regret it.