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Coperni and Bella Hadid: What Makes Something Iconic?

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During Paris Fashion Week, for their Spring/Summer 2023 runway show, Coperni debuted their idea of futuristic fashion. Many models on the runway were sprayed beforehand with a liquid fiber called Fabrican. The product starts as a liquid but once it hits the body it becomes a solid, fabric-like texture. But, the most influential look on the runway that night was Bella Hadid’s.

Bella Hadid walked onto the runway in nude underwear holding her chest and wearing white heels. Two men sprayed her with Fabrican and a woman cut a slit in the dress. The entire performance was unscripted. 

Many have made references to the Alexander McQueen 1999 runway show. In this, robots sprayed paint onto Shalom Harlow while she spun on a rotating board on the floor, wearing a white skirt-like dress. The Coperni and Alexander McQueen shows, both have one thing in common: a design was constructed on the runway. One was created from a sprayed liquid and one was adorned with spray paint. Both of these have become “iconic.” 

Therein lies the question: what makes something iconic? 

Looking on social media people are saying this was Bella Hadid’s “supermodel moment” and that it has solidified her career as one of the most influential and unique models of this generation. 

Is it iconic because she was partially nude? The technology that created Fabrican has been around for almost 20 years and has been used many times. Bella Hadid’s allure is undeniable and she brought a lot of attention to the show. Hadid walked 15 Spring/Summer 2023 shows proving her desire to be booked in the industry. Her runway walk and strong gaze have been deemed iconic as well. People all over the internet attempt to recreate her walk. Her runway persona has most likely made this show even more popular. Hadid’s influence paired with the runway presentation feels reminiscent of ‘90s runway shows. 

There are many different factors that make something “iconic.” Hadid’s performance paired with the interesting visuals and the spray-on technology have fostered discussion and intrigue into the future of fashion. 

The probability of people walking around in spray-on clothing in the next few years is low. However, it is an idea that makes people talk and explore possibilities. Coperni and Hadid’s performance of clothing construction will be talked about for years to come, possibly making it everlasting: iconic.

Olivia Dinger

New School '26

Olivia is a 1st year who plans to study Journalism + Design and Photography. She enjoys reading, writing, spontaneous photoshoots, and being with her cats and dog.