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I first fell in love with Jessica Chastain in 2011 during her performance in The Help. I had never seen an actress immerse herself in a character the way she did. As an actress, Chastain has a way to kidnap your attention in the most charming way possible.

In my sophomore year of high school, I picked up a torn-up copy of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. All I can remember from reading this play was enjoying the way the character, Nora Helmer, established her independence. It was refreshing to read about a female protagonist after years of reading about the Holden Caulfield’s of the world. 

My Aunt Sue is sort of an expert when it comes to broadway. She took me to my very first show and showed me how to get my playbill signed. When Sue sent me an email with a link to discounted tickets, I jumped at the chance to go see Jessica Chastain in the role of Nora.  

I arrived at the Hudson Theatre on 44th street about 45 minutes before the show. My ticket is scanned and I am directed to my seat. To my surprise, the academy award winner Jessica Chastain is already on stage and spinning in a circle. Chastain is so clearly committed to the expression on her face, not once breaking her dismal stare. 

One by one, each character creeps onto the stage to join Nora. The play begins and Nora stops rotating. Each character dressed in grim attire. No props. No Costumes. Just talent in front of me. The show picks up when Nora is in a cheerful mood due to her husband’s promotion at work. No longer having to worry about poverty, Chastain is able to deliver a lightness to Nora before her character’s life completely collapses. 

As the play progresses, Chastain shines brighter each moment. Her representation of motherhood, marriage, guilt, and loss is bewitching. I continue to pinch myself that I not only had the opportunity to see my favorite actress live but that she gave the performance of a lifetime. 

Nicole Desmond

New School '24

Nicole Desmond is a junior at The New School. Nicole is a cultural and media studies major and loves writing about all things life and pop culture. In her free time, she loves to be outside and is a total Real Housewives fanatic! She is so excited to be working with Her Campus! Follow her on Instagram @nicoleedesmond and Twitter @nicoledesmond29.