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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

On June 5th, over fifty people showed up for the Haven Rooftop Summer kick-off, celebrating the 35th anniversary of Andreadis Talent Agency and 6-year anniversary of Haven Rooftop.  Among the big names were Michelle Peacock of Andreadis Talent Agency who chit-chatted with the guests for cocktails and appetizers.

The Haven rooftop is known for hosting some of the best parties in Manhattan. Every year there is a annual party in the spring and in the winter with a new theme. Last winter they did a ski themed party. When asked about the annual event, Frank Freid mentioned “We do a different theme every year so like in the winter time this is all enclosed and we did a ski chalet. The girls are dressed in ski outfits and we have snow machine just amazing.”

Stepping up to the rooftop, the first thing I saw was tons of smiling faces and open sky. I felt like I belonged; everyone was so warm and welcoming. After getting acquainted with other guests I got a feel for the environment— it was an instant vision of ‘vegetation in your backyard.’ With wooden decor and charming green plants, tt was an oasis in the city, a private island in the sky. Soon enough I got chatting with Hank Fried, CEO and President of Impulsive group who agreed, “I think the atmosphere is amazing, this is a real feeling of being in Manhattan and actually not being in Manhattan.”

Here are my reflections on being a young journalist in New York City.

Kedoo: What is Journalism?

 My idea of journalism is informing a particular audience with relevant information, whether it may affect them or not; however, this information is depicted through any medium.

Some people may deem that journalism is a dying industry, but for me I believe that journalism is just beginning as we haven’t seen the height of it.  

We have seen the growth of journalism— from NPR being a small entity to becoming one of the most powerful news entities in the world. Journalism is like technology—everyday there is something new. The people who continuously say that the industry is dying are the people who are either less accustomed to new technology or not accustomed to the reality of change and growth in media and technology. And what I mean by change and growth is that news was published in newspapers until radio come along and people started listening to radio, and now there is social media.

Social media is where news is shared mostly. For instance, Twitter and Instagram have many accounts, like @theshaderoom and @newyorktimes which are geared towards informing people of relevant news. News has become so easily accessible to people that they don’t really watch tv or buy newspapers. They only listen to news on the radio when the aux cord is broken or Bluetooth is down.

K: How is life in New York as a young journalist?

Well first and foremost I must start with positives. I recently attended my first ever exclusive party (which I am covering), specifically the Haven Rooftop Party in collaboration with Andreadis Talent Agency.

The negative is that I am really brilliant with public speaking, not to over-exaggerate and self-praise and even though I love writing, in my heart I would rather be working as a television host. Well, that is my dream job. It has been very challenging adjusting my wings to being a journalist in New York City and taking on the challenge of being a writer. It takes bravery and love for my career to really get through sleepless nights.

What we can all take away from my experiences is that even though you might not want to do something in life, you must do it if you want to win, and it means that you have to be patient and wait for your time to come.

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