8 Ways to Maintaining a Good GPA in College

  1. Start asking professors for the class syllabus months prior. This way you will already be familiar with the topics being covered.

  2. If you are confused about a particular concept in class, watch videos and research. Google is your best friend in college.

  3. TAKE SMART NOTES. When reading a book or excerpt in college, DO NOT HIGHLIGHT. Highlighting does nothing for you. It is useless. Take actual notes of the authors argument or what the main idea of each paragraph is. This tip is extremely useful because when you compose your essay, you won't have to re-read the entire text all over again. You will already have notes on the book or reading. 

  4. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR RESOURCES. If your university provides free tutoring, take advantage of it. I know setting up an appointment and finding the right time to go to your tutoring center can be exhausting. But YOU MUST DO IT. You are bound to learn new information and the best part is you have someone guiding you the entire way.

  5. Look for study guides online and create your own list of weaknesses and strengths. This way you know what areas you have to focus on more.

  6. If you are completely lost about what to do for an assignment or you don’t  understand something from the reading, make a list of questions. ASK YOUR PROFESSOR THESE QUESTIONS. Stay after class and attentively listen to their answers. 

  7. Do not fear your final. I have anxiety when it comes to tests, so when I found out my final was worth 60% of my grade, I panicked. But the key is to start preparing for your final a month prior. Utilize that month to study and quiz yourself.

  8. SHARE YOUR CONCERNS WITH YOUR PROFESSOR. Let them know you truly want to do well, but are struggling. THEY WILL HELP YOU. Ask them what you can do to receive a good grade in the class.