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5 Reasons The Workplace Should Totally Implement Pajama Monday

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

Hi friends, you’ve heard of the famous casual Friday correct? Striding into the office with a nice shirt and some jeans, perhaps reebok sneakers. Casual Friday rocks as a concept providing a certain sense of ease and a tension-free workday. Because I love raising the bar, I wonder especially in this ZoomScape, what if Casual Friday extends to Pajama Monday? Meaning on Monday you show up in your pajamas! (Appropriately of course). Now hear me out, I greatly believe that both of these days can lend to greater productivity, and here are 5 reasons why. 

Mondays already suck

Mondays are already dreaded. Going back to work is rarely an exciting prospect (unless of course you actually enjoy your job). However what if, you could wake up on Monday and not go through the grueling process that is pants? Now the relaxation of pajamas would prove to lend to productivity during the first hours of returning to work, Instead of waking up grumpy about going to work, the pajamas would make you happy!

No stress over planning your outfit

No, I’m not saying you should roll out of bed and go to work, I’m pretty sure if 80% of people did that there would be a plethora of harassment cases. Nevertheless, if you just had to switch from one pajama pant to another or a t-shirt to another, wouldn’t that be great? Stress kills you know, so your technically saving your own life by not tying that tie. 

Increased happiness and comfort

I’ve never heard someone say pajamas bring them negativity. If anything the comfort it brings should make Mondays happy again! Mondays deserve that light just as much as Friday and so do you! If you’re happier, perhaps the work can also get done at a good pace. 


You can really tell a lot about a person

Picture you’re in the office, and the person you’ve secretly had an office crush on shows up with cartoons on their pants? Now you know they’re probably immature as a partner and you should tread lightly before planning a fake wedding. Or if your boss has their favorite baseball team on their PJs, now you know how to get on their good side. How about them Yankees? 

It reminds you about the fun at work!

At the end of the day, a job is a job and a concept like Pajama Monday can remind you of this. If you see the vulnerability of your co-workers through regular pants or pajama pants, it can remind you that people are just like you! You’re working towards the same goal and it can allow empathy when you work together. Work is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun! 

How’s zoom life with pajamas treating you? Do you think pants will be obsolete?  Post Quarantine, should we continue shaping the millennial workplace this way? Let us know your thoughts! 

Pramila Baisya (commonly known as Prim to her friends) is a third year writing student at Lang, trying to figure her life out. She enjoys poetry, photography, films, and comedy to an unhealthy degree and hopes to end up as an answer on the which famous NewSchooler are you quiz. Go Narwhals!