4 Reasons Why The Right Thing to Do Isn’t Always The Easiest

Although it’s a pretty cliché saying, relationships do take work, and a lot of it if you’re hoping for a forever love kind of thing.

Unfortunately, pride is a thing.

For some reason or another, it is almost impossible to say you were wrong. I mean, just thinking the sentence ‘I’m sorry, you were right’ puts a bad taste your mouth and a picture of your mother in your head. But it’s time to grow up and get a toothbrush, lady, because sometimes admitting that you were wrong is one of the biggest stepping stones in a relationship.

If the two of you are constantly bickering over who is right and who is wrong – over the dumbest sh*t in the world, I might add – then you can kiss the thought of a long-term thing goodbye.

Change isn’t in our DNA.

By default we are creatures of habit. You have a routine that is perfect for you and when he wants to come in and break it with early morning breakfasts and runs in the park, you’re not into it. But, just remember these moments of unhesitant rejection the next time you ask him to stay up late with you to watch re-runs of "Gilmore Girls" and he definitively declines.

If you can deal with each other, then you’ll be golden.

Life is blindingly fast.

Okay, so he wants to move in together?! Your first reaction is to freak out, find a cab, change your name, and move to the furthest state away because this is going too fast for you. Let’s think this through for a minute, while running out the door and never looking back is the easiest and most logical decision in your mind at this moment, just STOP. You can talk to him about this.

Talk. Do NOT run. Life is fast, but your decisions about life don’t have to be, because honestly if you did just run out, you’d be crying for weeks with Ben and Jerry as your only company.

Being selfish happens.

Serious relationships call for serious conversations. So, that means thinking of how your decisions will affect your significant other before you make them. Think ‘Will this hurt them in any way?’ ‘Would I want him/her to do this to me?’ If your answers are yes and then no, you should probably rethink your decision.

[Feature Image by Pexels]