3 Youtubers You Need to Be Watching

With an avalanche of new and old Youtubers, sometimes the site can feel like a vortex of the same fifty names and the same ten types of videos. Everytime I sign onto my Youtube homepage, I feel like I’m being recommended by the all-knowing, all-powerful “algorithm” the same basic content over and over again, to the point where I can’t differentiate between the first thumbnail I scrolled past and and the last one. Of course, the algorithm bases suggestions somewhat on what I do watch, so maybe I should stop clicking on the same basic content.

Either way, in the spirit of friendly, human, non-algorithmic recommendations, here are three of my favorite small and medium-sized channels.

1. Luke Meagher - HauteLeMode on Youtube

Image as seen on Mic

Don’t let the French username scare you. This channel is hosted by Luke Meagher, an upperclassman at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  

Meagher talks about everything fashion, sometimes low and mid-end, but mostly high. His most popular, and most entertaining videos, are his roasts. In these, he takes everyone from well-established designers like John Galliano to controversial celebrities like Kylie Jenner, to even other Youtubers themselves like James Charles, to task. All of Meagher’s videos are candid, inquisitive, analytical, and funny.  

Even though I know next to nothing about high-end fashion and haute couture, Meagher’s sardonic and casual, coherent communication style makes a sometimes daunting and unaccessible industry interesting and even engaging to those whose closets are rife with items from thrift stores and Forever21. I usually have no idea whether or not a ruffled dress from Prada or Dior is “tragic” or graceful, but Meagher will be sure to tell me.

If you want to increase your fashion literacy, or even just watch something fresh and funny, checkout @HauteLeMode on Youtube and Instagram.

2. Cluam Sutherland - publiccluam and Cluam Sutherland on Youtube

Thumbnail from Cluam's video "i quit my job"

No one is really sure if any of Cluam’s videos are real or not. But as the saying in theater goes, “It doesn’t matter if it’s real, it just has to be good,” and Cluam’s videos are really, really good. I would describe her editing style as if FinalCutPro had an aneurysm. The rapid jump cuts might give you a headache at first, but after awhile they’re really funny, as Cluam jumps from a ten second clip of throwing dildos around her room to talking about her tamagotchi collection.

Above all, Cluam is really candid, even if some of what she says might be made up, although all of it could be real. To watch her videos and make up your own mind on whether they're real or not, follow Cluam on Youtube and @cluamsutherland on Instagram. 

3. Benito Skinner - Benito Skinner on Youtube

Thumbnail from Benito's video "World's Greatest Makeup Tutorial"

Spot-on is the best way to describe Benito Skinner’s impressions of celebrities like the Jenners or characters from Gossip Girl. Most of Benito’s videos are parodies of television shows or famous people, but he does skits too.

In one of my favorite videos of his, titled “Girl Meets (gay) Boy,” he mocks straight women who platonically fetishize gay men. If astrology is your thing, Benito has several hysterical videos about what it’s like to date a specific sign. He also frequently pairs up with his friend Ali Weiss, who runs her own funny Instagram account @healthishell.