3 Shows I've Been De-Stressing To

There's officially three weeks left of my first year as a college student and I feel way over my head between finals and juggling everything life throws at me. When I find time to sit in my room and detox with a cup of lemonade and my laptop, this is what I've been watching lately. 

The OC

Set in, you guessed it, Orange County, this teen drama follows the twists and turns around four friends in California - Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa. I'm currently on the second season, available on Hulu, and if you're into early-aughts teen shows, this is one of my favorites. Not to mention, Seth Cohen is one of my favorite male character portrayals on tv. He named a boat after her, for heaven's sake. 

Selling Sunset

A Netflix original following a group of female realtors in LA, this show combines Vanderpump Rules with any HGTV house show that your parents grew up watching, yet does it in a way that's both educational if you're into insanely fancy houses and dramatic with a cat-fight or two bound to happen. 

The Bold Type 

I just started this show on Hulu and I. LOVE. IT. The premise of the series is based around early 20-somethings working at a magazine called Scarlet, based on Cosmpolitan magazine. I'm only a few episodes into the first season out of three, but the show is highly progressive in its portrayal of its characters, particularly in relationships. Mainly Kat and Adena. Not going to give major spoilers, but just watch.