19 Things I Learned Before I Turned 19

19 Things I Learned Before I Turned 19


  1. A rebellious phase helps you grow and transform as a person. Do it young to get it out of your system before you become old and boring. Dye your hair blue, or any shade on the Manic Panic color spectrum you can find at your corner drugstore, while you can. One day, that same shade will clash among the workplace or impending wrinkles.

  2. I fucking hate getting older. And even thinking about wrinkles. Seeing people from my hometown already posting about their engagements right out of high school makes me feel 30. I don’t like it at all.

  3. Having a fake ID means both nothing and everything at the same time. Having one, and the idea of spending money to lie about my age, to maybe get into that one club that you have to pay a cover for also, seemed like a waste. Yet, when both of my roommates were out on a Saturday night, and I was alone in the dorm being a bore who didn’t buy one with them - socially it really sucks. You’ll probably cry a bit, too. But I’ll be 21 in a blink.

  4. There’s no point in rushing relationships no matter how old you are. I thought I was in love at 16. And 17. And 18. They either end in a break-up or last forever. Two weird extremes. And even at that, half of marriages end in divorce.

  5. Sometimes it’s good to temporarily deactivate your social media for a day or two and just detox if life is getting too stressful.

  6. You won’t always get along with everyone you live with all the time. Sometimes at one minute, you’re screaming on the phone to your mother about your roommate because it’s that time of the month. (And no, I’m not referring to rent.) The next, you apologize and indulge in pancakes at the IHOP around the block. “Blame it on the PMS. My bad.”

  7. Things always work out how they’re supposed to. When I moved to New York, I couldn’t wait to get into being in amazing job. I was ecstatic when I got my first internship at a wholesale studio, even though my major had absolutely nothing to do with fashion. I worked one day there, eight unpaid long hours washing dishes and arranging hangers, before I went home and decided to quit. It wasn’t for me. There’s someone who out there who would love my spot more than me. The next semester, I’m currently in a dream internship working Editorial for a music magazine. I’m doing what I love and they play music all day. Sometimes, it’s good to trust your gut because something way better might be right around the corner - be it love, career, anything in life.

  8. There is nothing more relaxing than coming home from a long, busy day, taking off your shoes, jumping onto your bed, and putting on your favorite show. The work for tomorrow can wait an hour or two.

  9. Procrastinate, because we all do it, but not for long. Taking a break for a few hours, or whatever your schedule permits, helps clear your mind and rest it, and then returning to work to finish it has really helped for me.

  10. Classes at 8 in the morning are the absolute WORST. Even if the content and teacher are amazing, which they were, time makes it a total drag. I’m not a morning person in the slightest, and waking up at 6 to get ready, eat, and make it on time was draining on me all semester. Build your class schedule, if possible, to your bio clock and times you can handle.

  11. Alanis Morissette is ALWAYS the answer.

  12. So is The Bachelor and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

  13. Eating the ice cream isn’t going to kill you or overload your weight. If what makes you happy right now is a cup of Tonight Dough or a cupcake in the store window, treat yourself to the damn thing. The workout can wait.

  14. Don’t buy your boyfriend’s favorite flavor of ice cream and keep it in the freezer for a long time. When he breaks up with you, you now have to eat your ex’s favorite and now it’s filling with tears. Nobody wants that.

  15. Going to a concert alone for a band or artist you love is one of the most liberating things. You can scream, cry, sing along as loud as you want and nobody who’ll see you after that night can judge you for it.

  16. Never be in a relationship long-term with someone who hates dogs and prefers cats. Just don’t. Ever.

  17. Rule #16 also stands for someone who doesn’t listen to/hates music. How do you even live?

  18. Getting older has slowly gotten me into those house shows that two years ago I was convinced were for “old people.” A.K.A Middle aged women across the country. A.K.A. My mom.

  19. This is the last time I’ll be turning a “teen” age, and no matter what age you turn, don’t ever feel bad for celebrating. It’s only once a year.