10 Ways to Maintain Your Sanity During Quarantine

Hello friends, it is at a trying time that I am writing this. However I digress, we needn’t discuss the surrounding events and heighten our anxiety. I will say that having an idle mind during this time is dangerous. As they say “An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop.” It’s important to keep both our bodies and especially minds active at this time. With that, here are 10 ways to keep your mind active during this uncertain time. 

  1. Do Yoga/ Meditate 

    I didn’t want to be generic and say “just breathe”, but yoga does put a lot of emphasis on breathing, and focusing your mind inward. It is great for not only stretching your body, but calming your mind down, and taking time to focus on just breathing. We can all use a little calm in this storm. 

  2. Write A Critical Review of your Favorite Disney Film

    I know most of us have Disney Plus or can at least take the password of someone who does. This is a wonderful time to delve into nostalgia and find the hidden messages of Disney films. Kids movies tend to be different movies when we’re adults, and it’s a fun little thought exercise. 

  3. Call your friends

    Most of us have been doing this, so I say no more than CALL YOUR FRIENDS. We’re not alone in this, and we don’t have to feel alone either. Zoom, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Google Video work wonderfully to maintain the solidarity of friend groups. 

  4. Knitting

    I can vouch for this one, I swear! Knitting has been very comforting for me in this process. If you’re always fidgety in class or restless like I am, knitting gives you something very calming to do with your hands. The possibilities are endless in what can knit. I’m aiming to knit some weird stuffed animals so we will see how that goes!

  5. Journaling

    Writing is cathartic (I should know), it’s important to keep a journal through all this. Many of us might be unable to express how we feel displaced in all this, and writing is effective in processing that. We are living a moment of history, and it’s not always going to feel this way, but it’s important to remember what we learn. Writing down how we feel is not a replacement for talking or therapy, but it is a step to getting there. Bullet Journaling is also effective in starting to keep a routine for yourself. 

  6. Build a Fort

    We’re back at it with nostalgia! Forts are fun, need I say more? Make it as intricate and complicated as you want. Maybe build said fort, and then write that critical review of the Disney films. Brings me right back to my childhood. 

  7. Bake with things in your house, Improvise!

    I’ve always wanted to bake but never had the patience or time, and now I miraculously have both (Also my wonderful friends got me a tiny baking kit which I will definitely utilize) You might not have all the ingredients that certain recipes need, but hey just go with the flow! Do what you can, see what happens and eat some sweets!

  8. Try a Crazy New Makeup Look

    Honestly just go ham! Be weird, it’s allowed! Something about makeup is very fun and even more so when you’re purposely breaking all the rules. Get creative, be bold! (You’re probably not leaving your house, what have you got to lose!)

  9. Catalog the Outfits in Your Closet

    I’m starting to notice a recurring theme that I’m saying be a kid, play dress up! But why not? Organizing can be fun too, and this is a good time to really see all the clothes in your closet and maybe even consider what you can give away. I promise you definitely do not have nothing to wear (and you probably won’t say that phrase again after doing this). 

  10. Learn something new via Khan Academy

    I know the last thing most of us want is to watch more videos after our online classes, but this is a good opportunity to go deep into a subject you might not otherwise have had access to. I really love Khan Academy but there are hundreds if not thousands of videos on YouTube on a myriad of subjects. AstroPhysics you say? Grammar and Public Speaking you say? Sign me up!

Those are 10 Things you can do to maintain your sanity during these trying times. Our minds are treasure troves and it is important to keep them active by learning and challenging ourselves. Stay safe out there, keep your minds active.