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10 Valentine’s Day Episodes to Binge

We all have our favorite holiday episodes of beloved T.V. shows. Sure, Christmas Specials are festive and Halloween episodes are spook-tacular. But the Valentines Day episodes feel underrated, even though they can be as hilarious as they heartwarming. So in celebration of Valentines Day, here are 10 Valentines Day episodes that celebrate all kinds of love, romantic or otherwise.  

1. Community – “Early 21st Century Romanticism”

The study group deals with all kinds of conflict, like Pierce’s addiction to pain killers and Troy and Abed liking the same girl, all leading up to the Greendale’s Valentine’s Day dance. Throughout all the conflict, though, is the group strengthening their friendship.

Episode highlight: the Barenaked Ladies debate

2. Parks and Recreation – “Operation Ann”

Parks and Rec had some great valentines episodes with Leslie’s annual Galentines day, but Operation Ann is my personal favorite. While Leslie tries to set Ann up for Valentines Day, Ben enlists Ron and Andy’s help to solve Leslie’s Valentine’s scavenger hunt.

Episode highlight: Andy trying to figure out the scavenger hunt

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered”

Cordelia dumps Xander, to get her back Xander casts a love spell. Magical shenanigans ensue when the spell ends up affecting every woman in Sunnydale except Cordelia.

Episode highlight: Buffy the seductress

4. The Office – “Valentines Day”

Michael heads down to New York for a meeting about the Scranton Branch, but makes things awkward by bringing up his relationship with Jan. Back in the office, things develop between Angela and Dwight while tensions grow with Jim and Pam.

Episode highlight: Faces of Scranton

5. Friends – “The One’s with the Candy Hearts”

The girls go against the Valentine’s Day tide and burn memories of their exes. Ross goes out on a first date and ends up running into his ex-wife. Chandler helps Joey out on a double date and ends up with Janice.

Episode highlight: Janice!

6. Modern Family – “My Funky Valentine”

Claire and Phil try some role-play, Jay takes Gloria to a stand-up show, and Cam and Mitch try to help with Manny’s love life.

Episode highlight: Phil and Claire’s role-playing

7. Sabrina the Teenage Witch – “First Kiss”

Sabrina is warned against kissing Harvey, if she does, she risks a 50/50 chance of turning him to a frog. She ends up smooching him and has to test their love in order to make him human again!

Episode highlight: The campy 60’s game show love tests

8. The Simpsons – “I Love Lisa”

Out of pity, Lisa gives Ralph a cute little Valentine’s Day card. Ralph takes this to mean Lisa likes-likes him, and things get awkward and hilarious.

Episode highlight: The “I choo-choo-choose you!” card

9. Spongebob Squarepants – “Valentine’s Day”

Another great one about friendship. In this gem of an episode, Spongebob struggles to give Patrick his surprise Valentine’s Day gift. Tensions rise as Patrick sees that Spongebob has seemingly gifted everyone except him.

Episode highlight: PATRICK NEEDS LOVE TOO”

10. The Nanny – “Love is a Many Blundered Thing”

Fran has a secret admirer and she jumps to the conclusion that it must be Mr. Sheffield. She goes all out for him and gets a billboard-sized valentine.

Episode highlight: Fran getting stuck at the billboard

Who needs a date, when you have great T.V. for company? Happy watching and happy Valentine’s Day!

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