10 Things You’re Secretly Looking Forward to - Fall Edition

As the calendar (and weather) have declared, fall is officially here! From the cool, crisp air to the fall holidays and feasts, it’s no surprise that this season is your favorite. Here’s a list of 10 things you’re secretly (or not-so-secretly) anticipating over the course of the next few months. 

Fall Boots  

Ankle boots. Wedges. Knee-highs. Thigh-highs. All colors. All kinds. You want them all (we know you do). #alltheboots


The reds. The oranges. The yellows. A walk through Central Park with the leaves crunching at your feet? Yes, please!


Because who said dressing up for an enchanted night is just for kids?


Lattes, coffee, pie, cookies and so much more. Let's face it, pumpkin spice is the true MVP. 

Deep-Colored Lipstick (and Nail Polish)

The bright colors of Summer are always fun. A pop of neon can cheer anyone up. But we've missed the season's sultry shades.

Golds, plums, and browns? You can come out to play now. 

Haunted Houses 

Halloween isn't just a day. The entire season is filled with horror-fests and corn mazes. Up the scare factor and try as many as your heart can take. That is, if you dare...


The Food 

Cinnamon-infused, sweet, spicy, and full of love. From butternut squash, salted caramel, flavorful soups and hearty bread, fall food is simply incomparable to the food of other seasons.

Family Gatherings

What better way to reunite with family and friends than in the festive fall season over a Thanksgiving meal? A beautiful feast with beautiful people. Nothing does it like fall does. 

Apple Picking 

There is nothing like planting your feet on the soil of an apple orchard, bag in hand and ready to pick all the juicy fruit your heart desires. What's better than biting into a fresh apple you just picked yourself? Using your extra apples to bake a toasty and fragrant apple pie.

Fall Fashion 

Cozy sweaters. Fuzzy leggings. Dresses with tights. Hoodies and jeans. Pea coats. Fall fashion, oh how we've missed you so...



Happy fall, everyone!


Feature Image by [Pexels]