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10 Songs to Dance to at 2 A.M.

Papers are piling up and your notes are getting blurry after the clock hits the 3 a.m. mark. Reading more than 100 pages per night (I have first-hand experience) is getting a tad out of hand. Midterm season? Ew. ‘Tis the season not to be jolly, but to be busy. The coursework is picking up, and the need to keep up is probably weighing you down. It’s a time of no sleep and caffeine trips.

Midterms can really suck. So, I’m back again with another self-care suggestion. I’ve found the best way to cope with stress is having an impromptu dance party in my room. But, not too long ago, I went from being the only child and having all the time and space, to sharing a room with two other girls. It’s been difficult practicing my habits in a room with two strangers. I remember sitting on my bed one night, feeling stingy of the air that I now had to share with two other human beings. I first tried to improve my mood by listening to music in the dark, but that still wasn’t enough to calm me down. So, I jumped off my abnormally high dorm bed. I then picked up my earbuds and phone and relocated my angsty emotions to the empty kitchen. I found peace dancing alone in a kitchen lit only by the microwave light at 2 a.m.. Did you picture that moment there? Doesn’t that sound serene? Don’t you want that? So, take that study break and shake off the assignments, even if it’s for a few minutes.

I have compiled a list of songs to get you through this gnarly (shout-out to our New School mascot, Gnarls the Narwhal) academic season. They are perfect for a chill late night dance sesh. Give it a go and let me know how these songs work out for you!

1. “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man

2. “Told You So” by Paramore

3. “Dead” by Madison Beer

4. “You Should Talk” by FLETCHER

5. “Always There When I Need You” by Salt Cathedral

6. “Talk Is Overrated” by Jeremy Zucker, blackbear

7. “Nights With You” by MØ

8. “Dusk Till Dawn” by Zayn, Sia

9. “Silence” by Marshmello, Khalid

10. “Stay With You” by Cheat Codes, CADE


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Lily Yonglin Chen is currently pursuing both her bachelors and masters in psychology at The New School. When she is not analyzing your every move, she is busy running around New York City with a camera and a giant appetite. She is hungry for knowledge, experiences, and most importantly, food. She hopes to connect and comfort her readers through her writing and personal experiences. She is looking to attend law school after undergrad.
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