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10 Craziest Airbnbs Around The World

In light of the upcoming and long awaited Spring Break, we decided to give you a little hotel “inspo” of the coolest Airbnbs out there – which we totally encourage you to look into for your own trip!

Seashell House – Isla Mujeres, Mexico

If you ever wanted to live like Ariel when you were little, nows your chance! You can book a night at this eccentric home in the beautiful Isla Mujeres (there’s complimentary WiFi).

Bamboo House – Abiansemal, Bali, Indonesia

Head a bit farther into the East and stay at the exotic Bamboo House in beautiful Bali. A luxury getaway high up in the mountains, in a house made entirely of bamboo, the perfect getaway from your post-midterm thoughts (don’t worry, there’s WiFi). Check it out here.

Cubehouse – Rotterdam, Netherlands

The one thing that would make your stay in this super modern city would be this bizarre apartment complex. Indulge in the city views of Rotterdam by living in this amazing (and slightly discomforting) architectural masterpiece (and it’s only around $150 a night!).

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B – Cottonwood, ID, US

Closer to New York than the other options so far, and you can live in this giant dog-shaped building… dog lovers rejoice!

Secluded Intown Treehouse – Atlanta, GA, US

If you want a cozier, closer, and romantic alternative to the Bali treehouse, look no further than this home in Atlanta, Georgia. Bet you never had a treehouse this beautiful as a kid.\

Trullo in Itria Valley – Cisternino, Brindisi, Apulia, Italy

Check out this charming Apulian stone hut for an upgraded stay in Italy, for only $97 a night!

Castle – Cumbria, UK

Ever wanted to live in a castle? A fan of Gothic Architecture? This isn’t the Buckingham Palace but it really is a unique opportunity to stay in a historic castle. Though built in 1841, you have a fifteen grand and modernized rooms to choose from.

Covered Bridge House – Nevada City, CA

Stay in this super modern home that used to be a bridge! This house rests than a mile from the heart of Nevada City.

The Fisherman’s Cave House – Santorini, Greece

As if Santorini isn’t on your bucket list already… it’s time to act on your dream and stay in this jaw droppingly beautiful home you won’t see anywhere else but Greece!

Bird Island – Placencia, Belize

And finally, if you have ever wanted to live on a private island… now is your chance! Escape New York’s hustle and bustle and enjoy a week of snorkeling, kayaking, and relaxing on your own small island.

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