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10 Brands You Probably Don’t Know About But Should

The Instagram Explore Page is constantly flooded with all sorts of content, including brands. So much so it can be overwhelming. I am constantly hitting the save button for future reference and inspiration before they disappear in an instant. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of the coolest and not so well known brands so you wouldn’t have to. Here it is at your disposal.

  1. Mounser Studio

Mounser studio was founded in 2009 by Amanda Assad Mounser who describes Mounser Studio as “[focusing] on a sculptural approach to design with inspiration rooted in both nature and modernist and contemporary art.” They sell paintings, objects and jewelry, but the thing you will not want to miss are their “ring pops.” These colorful, bright and sculptural rings will for sure be something you want to add to your collection.

  1. Tarin Thomas

Tarin Thomas attended Parsons and then went on to become a buyer for an NYC boutique. There, she saw “the lack of cool, sophisticated, real jewelry that could be easily incorporated with signature pieces at an accessible price point.” This led her to create Tarin Thomas Collection, which is made in her New York studio. The collection includes all varieties of men and women’s jewelry as well as vintage. The Tarin Thomas store is located in the West Village at 92 Perry Street. Tarin describes the store as “a collection of my New York experiences” and sells her own collection among other brands and and collaborators.

  1. Feners

Feners is a Spain-based shoe brand founded in 2017. They fit somewhere between mass market brands and high-end luxury with a mission of sustainability. Their simple but unique designs make them stand out. Especially the everyday boots in unusual colors of metallic tangerine and olive.

  1. Mia Vesper

Mia Vesper is a young NYC-based designer who focuses on using upcycled textiles. Her dynamic silhouettes and matching sets do not disappoint. Not to mention, they have plenty of unisex options.

  1. Daily Sleeper

Daily sleeper was founded in 2014 by Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa. Their sets are inspired by sleepwear that can be worn on the street or at home while still being fashionable and put together. You definitely do not want to miss out on their holiday collection featuring sparkly lounge sets, fur trimmed cardigans and shearling slippers.

  1. Volver Workshop

Temis founded Volver workshop in 2019 and uses her shoe making skills learned in Spain to craft unique footwear out of Sunset Park Brooklyn. Their shoes consist of mules and slides and utilize quality leather from Igualada, Spain.

  1. Carola Handbags

Carola was founded by a Colombian single mother and the pieces are “knitted by artisan single mothers and indigenous tribes of the Amazonia.” The bags are 100 percent ecological and knitted by hand and can take up to 25 days to complete. Bags are knitted in materials like silk and material made from palm trees. They come in neutral or bright colors and are all made from unique knitting techniques giving the bags texture.

  1. House of Want

House of Want describes their style as “refined & sophisticated bags, with a nod to retro & lady-like elegance.” Their modern designs add personality to any outfit and there are plenty of choices to fit any personality. To top it off-they are very affordable!

  1. Memor Studio

Maxine Midtbo creates vessels, decor, jewelry and phone cases out of Cincinnati for Memor Studio. These items are adorned with found objects and collectibles to “epitomize our nostalgic relationship with objects.” They are most known for their phone cases, but their Circe Pendant is beautiful and affordable. 

  1.  Pon the Online Store

Pon is a collaboration between mother Laura Novack and daughter Madde Pontin. They work with each other as well as other artists to create and curate a general homeware store. Items range from plates to jewelry to home decor and each piece is fun and unique.

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