What It's Like Working At a Bakery During the Holidays


What it’s like Working at a Bakery During the Holidays


When I was a sophomore in college, I was looking for a job and a friend recommended I work at a bakery. I was so excited because I thought about all the sweets I would be surrounded by and it seemed like a fun job! It was all fun and games until the holidays came around. Everyone I worked with warned me about it, but I always just shoved it off because I loved the job so much. Here are 3 stages of the holiday:

1) Getting ready for the holidays:

This is the calm before the storm. When getting ready for the holidays, it’s a lot of taking orders and getting orders ready. It was nice because it was mildly crazy, but it kept you busy that the time went by so quick. However, you knew what was coming.

2) The Holidays:

This is a time when the bakery is jam packed and you have customer after customer. There is no time to think or just stand there for a second because of the line of customers out the door. The time goes by terribly slow for some reason, because you’d think since you’re so busy that the time would fly by...but NOPE.

3) The Aftermath:

After the holidays, it is such a sigh of relief and a pat on the back. After all of the craziness, you made it through alive! Now it’s time to be grateful for having this job and all the tips you’ve learned. Believe it or not, working at a bakery gives you a lot of leadership skills that you can use in the future.