What it's like to be a Senior about to Graduate in your Sorority


I have been a member of my sorority since the Spring Semester of my freshman year here at New Paltz. Through my five years at this school I have seen people I joined this organization with graduate and new girls come in. The organization has changed a lot over the years but at the center the ideals of the organization have always remained and been upheld, just in different ways.

This organization has helped me to grow into who I am now as a person. It helped me to find confidence in my voice that I hadn’t had before. Through my years in it I have watched it do the same or similar things for other girls as well.

The idea of leaving this organization has been hard for me to adjust to because it has played such a huge role in my life for so long. I have been trying to adjust to the idea of leaving not only this school but also my sorority and all of the friendships I’ve made within it.

This semester has been emotional for me in regards to leaving school in general but also I’m experiencing a lot of lasts within my organization. With only six weeks left of the semester I’ve been preparing myself to say goodbye to this campus and all the things that have made my experience at New Paltz so great. Getting ready to say goodbye to an organization that has helped to shape me into who I am now has been difficult and I can’t say that it’ll be easy for me when the time comes to officially say goodbye but I have a few more weeks before I have to start thinking about that.