What it's like to be an Introvert


I was very nervous when I started my Freshman year at New Paltz. I identify personally as an introvert and I was worried about being able to meet new people and take time for myself without being seen as rude or short with people. Through my four years here it has been something I have struggled with immensely.

One of the biggest struggles in this day and age about being an introvert is the fact that we are expected to share our lives via social media. When we share parts of our lives on the internet but then want our alone time after too much time with people it can be construed as rude or standoffish. I have personally spent a lot of time at school trying not to come off as rude. However, introverts, as an overall rule tend to need more alone time than people who identify as extroverts or people who can be both.

It’s important for people to understand that when I say I’m going to go home after an hour of hanging out it’s not because I am trying to be rude, it’s simply because I need to balance my alone time with my time with others.

Let me know in the comments below if you have had similar experiences being an introvert!