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Six Things That Change When You Trust Your Intuition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New Paltz chapter.

It’s so easy to go against that tiny voice in your head, or pit of your stomach whenever you’re in a situation that you feel confused about. It is there for a reason: it warns you about danger, and it could also potentially save your life. Think back to all the times you did not use it, and you ended up having a feeling afterward that just did not sit right with you. Trusting your intuition comes with a level of self-love, respect and an ability to know what is right and wrong, even if the choice you may lean towards is easier than the other. We are all born with an intuition– but it is not until we begin to use these tools that we see things start to change for the better.

1. You begin to see people and things for what they are– not what you think they could or should be

The answer to the question you have been asking about that certain person isn’t blurry. You know the truth and that is enough for you.


2. The people in your life are constantly changing: some coming and some leaving

Friendships are a dynamic relationship: constantly changing. People come and go and it’s not always a bad thing. We have to accept this reality of life and learn to live with it. Old lost friendship can open new doors to new and exciting friendship that you never expected.


3. More opportunities are presented to you because you are listening to your heart and what feels right

When you have an open mind and heart, it’s easy to let things get in the way of what you really want. When an opportunity is presented to you that just does not seem right and you go with your gut, the door is left open for something else that doesn’t conflict you.


4. Things become clear

Decisions are not confusing, and things other people say and do don’t make you second guess yourself. Instead, you listen to your voice and trust what you believe.


5. You have positivity surrounding you

Trusting your instincts will never lead you to a place of negativity. You begin to trust yourself and find yourself gravitating toward things, people, and places that lift you up and only improve your life.


6. You are are not constantly trying to be happy– you just are

There is no longer wondering if you will be happy if you do x, y, or z because the choices you constantly make by listening to your instincts have led you to a place where you feel safe, comfortable and genuinely happy. There are always good and bad days and no one is happy every moment of everyday, but eventually you can feel that your decisions have led you somewhere that you want to be.


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