Proud Alum Of An All-Girl Catholic High

Perhaps it was the friendly teachers, the welcoming hallways, the library that was legitimately Hogwarts (fireplace and all), or maybe, just maybe, I knew that an all-girl school would provide and teach me values no other school would. Attending an all-girl school is not hard. I would get asked the same question over and over- “How did you live without the boys?!” Actually, I still get asked that question. Well, I survived! For me, high school was never about the boys, but about growth.


High school was about finding myself; my strengths, my weaknesses, and learning from my mistakes. High school was about making lifelong friendships. High school was about finding my niche in this world. And that, it was. Throughout my four years of high school, I experienced a hell of a lot. Good grades, bad grades, happy tears, sad tears, good news, bad news, but most importantly, I experienced the best of the best. Most people do not see the benefits of attending an all-girl school, but in just five words, I can tell you them: love, trust, strength, community, passion. These are all qualities I gained in high school when I focused more on myself and not the boys.  I learned to love myself, to trust those around me and to be trusted, to know my capabilities (even when I thought they were impossible), and to work together and accept help (remember, that is never something to be ashamed of). Most importantly, I learned of my place in this world.


Although my four years of high school were definitely not easy- DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE WORD PREPARATORY- they did help me flourish into the student and woman I am today. Today, I am not afraid to speak up. Today, I am not afraid someone will judge me on my beliefs. Today, I am a woman thanking my alma mater for some of the best memories a girl could ask for. Between the walk-a-thon’s, father-daughter dances, mother-daughter dances, free periods, chocolate chip cookies, french fries, and the academics, it will always be my home away from home.


One thing I will always hold near and dear to my heart is when my former principal said, “Look around you. Some of these women are going to be your future bridesmaids and the godmothers of your children.” In that moment, I knew, this was not just high school, this was the beginning of a whole new life.


Next time you think of knocking an all-girl school, think again!


I survived an all-girl Catholic high school, and I am proud.