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Campus Celebrity: Chabreah Alston


If this week’s Campus Celebrity isn’t in class, she’s planning programs for her residents or participating in e-board positions at her clubs. In her final year in SUNY New Paltz, she is striving to be involved in many different activities on campus, while succeeding in all her classes at the same time.


Name: Chabreah Alston

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Class Status: Senior

Major/Minor: Theatre Arts Performance/ Psychology

Clubs: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Alpha Nu Chapter, Relay for Life, New Day Ensemble, Ubuntu Theatre, National PanHellenic Council


HC: Why did you decide to be an RA?

CA: “I wanted to be able to help others and be there when people needed it.”


HC: What’s the best part about being an RA?

CA: “Being able to help my residents, and knowing that they are interested in things that i am interested in. Just doing little things that make them smile.”


HC: How would your residents describe you?

CA: “Nice, helpful, approachable, understanding, considerate, sweet.”


HC: What advice do you give to someone that wants to be an RA?

CA: “Know the position. Do your research, there is a lot of work involved and you should be able to time manage and figure out your priorities.”


HC: Why do you think it’s important to immerse yourself in clubs?

CA: “I think it is good to be involved in something. You are able to meet people who like the things that you like, and it is a good way to not become too stressed by classes.”


HC: What’s your favorite part about being in the clubs that you’re apart of? You can go specific with one or two.

CA: “My favorite part about being in my sorority is being able to set an example, and taking part in a lot of community service. I love doing things for a good cause. My favorite part about being in New Day Ensemble is that I like to push others, and help them realize that it is not about the product, it’s more about the product. In the three shows that I have directed for them, that was my main focus.”


HC: What advice do you give to incoming freshmen that want to join clubs or be apart of a sorority?

CA: “To do their research. Make sure they can gather all the information that they can find and that they know they want to do it.”


HC: How do you juggle school, clubs and RA work?

CA: “I have a planner and it is color coded. I know myself and I know when I need a break. I talk to my friends because when you check up on someone it reminds you to check up on yourself.”



Fun Quick Facts About Chabreah:


HC: What’s your favorite broadway show?

CA: “Hairspray!”


HC: What are you hoping to do after you graduate?

CA: “I am hoping to get my Masters in Drama Therapy.”


HC: What’s one fact about yourself that you introduce to new people?

CA: “I like to tell people that I wear a different pair of earring everyday.”


HC: What’s your favorite television show at the moment?

CA: “How to Get Away with Murder.”


HC: What’s your favorite spot on or off campus?

CA: “My favorite spot on campus is by the Alumni field.”

Chelsea is a fourth-year journalism major with a minor in creative writing. She is currently a contributing writer on the Her Campus New Paltz chapter. She's also on the social media team to keep readers updated on stories created by the SUNY New Paltz Aside from Her Campus, she's a blogger for CollegeFashionista. Chelsea is hoping to continue to be more involved on SUNY New Paltz despite being a commuter from New York City. Other than writing, she loves to read, travel, pop culture, fashion and social media! Follow her on instagram @thesocialrundown!
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