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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New Paltz chapter.

Having thick hair has its pros and cons. If you find yourself struggling in the morning with it, or cringe at the thought of simply going into public with your unruly lion’s mane, you may want to consider ditching a few habits that you have been doing in the past. You most likely have already experienced shedding hair everywhere you go, breaking hair ties, clips, or even your favorite hairbrush in the process of controlling your hair, and most days, you may find yourself staring into the mirror contemplating cutting it all off. Although, with persistence and patience, it is definitely possible to manage your thick hair and love the mane you were born with!

1. Avoid the blow dryer



If you can, try letting your hair air dry naturally.  Less is more. In this case, the more heat you add to your hair, the more damage, puffiness and breakage will occur. If you must blow dry it, always include a heat protectant to keep your hair follicle from blowing up and expanding and finish it with a shot of cool air to seal the cuticle back up to give your hair shine.


2.  Long Layers



Long layers give your hair a natural look, and provide less bulk throughout your hair by taking some weight out of it. This can make your hair easier to style, while keeping your length and volume.  If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, this is a great style to enhance your curls!



3. Keep Your Hair Trimmed



Keeping your hair trimmed helps manage frizz and poofiness that usually comes with having thick hair.  Trimming your hair frequently will help it grow longer and stronger since your split ends will be maintained. 


4. Use a Wide Tooth Comb in the Shower to Detangle Knots





Do not, I repeat do NOT brush your hair dry, for any reason. Unless you are going for the wild look, brushing dry hair is your biggest enemy. When your hair is wet, and combed through, try spritzing with “It’s a 10” leave in treatment, or any detangler or conditioning spray to tame the frizz that thick hair usually brings.


5. Stay away from washing your hair every day 


Rather than drying your already thick hair out by stripping it from it’s natural oil with shampoo, avoid washing it every day and try skipping a day (or two) to seal in the natural oils your scalp produces.  This can keep your thick hair from feeling like straw and dried out.


6. Deep Condition It





Using a deep conditioner can help restore moisture, and help bring out a natural shine in your hair.  As if having thick hair isn’t hard enough to manage, a deep conditioner can help replenish hair elasticity, and help protect against heat damage. Most deep conditioners are not expensive and can save you a lot more time once it dries when styling it.


7. Embrace it




Yes, thick hair can be sometimes feel like a curse, but embracing your natural hair texture can help you love the beautiful hair you were born with can help you get out into the world and own it.

If you can handle having thick hair, you can handle mostly anything.  Picking up new habits and ditching any old ones can make everything go smoother.

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