5 Things to Look Forward to Over the Winter Break

As finals begin and the semester winds down the stress levels are high around campus. However, as stressful as this week has been and next week will be we do have things to look forward to when we go home for the next month.


1) Seeing your family

    If you’re like me and you have lots of siblings it’s nice to be home and just spend the month catching up with them and hanging out.

2) No schoolwork

    This seems like the most obvious one but some people don’t even think of it. We get a whole month of a break from all of our extracurricular activities as well as all of our professors and our school work.

3) Laying around all day and having no one judge you

    At home you can be lazy and be in your pajamas all day without any judgment!

4) Alone time

    When we live at school we each have roommates whereas, if you’re like me, when I go home, my siblings will still have school and my parents will be at work. That means I get some peace and quiet at home for most of the day when I’m home.

5) Being able to take a bubble bath

    I am a huge bubble bath person. Being able to be at home and relax with a bath bomb in a nice long bath and read a book is one of my favorite things about winter break.

6) Spending time with your friends from home

    I personally am in a long distance relationship and going home and being able to see my significant other whenever I want for a month is a very exciting prospect for me. It is also really exciting to see the people who you have been friends with since high school and catch up on the past few months.


I hope you’re all looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel that is finals and seeing that winter break just in reach. Good luck on finals and don’t forget to look forward to the upcoming break!!!