5 Reasons Why The Office is the Perfect Show to Watch During Finals Week

Binging a show during finals week is never a great idea. But hey, what are you supposed to do? Watch nothing and only study? “The Office” is one of the best shows to watch during finals week and here is why!


1) It will make you laugh

This show is the type of show that will literally make you laugh out loud! Each character is quirky and funny in their own way and their humor will leave you laughing till your belly hurts. This is the type of laugh that you need to take you away from the stress of finals week.

2) It will also make you cry.

“The Office” is well known for its awkward setup and funny jokes, although it does delve into the lives of characters. Their lives aren’t all fun and jokes; they also have their own problems. It also has its own emotional rollercoaster, just like any other show. This fictional stress that the characters are experiencing takes you away from the stress of finals weeks also.

3) Michael Scott

Steve Carell is such a character with everyone of his roles he plays. This has to be one of his best ones! He plays the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin and let’s just say he isn’t the brightest. He is constantly joking around with his employees and just being an idiot. His silly, stupid acts will take you away, for a second, from the troubles of finals week.

4) The episodes are only 22 minutes each!

The episodes of “The Office” are so short! You don’t have to devote an hour of your time to watching the show. You can take a 22 minutes break from your studying streak and get your mind off of it for a little while.

5) Jim and Pam

What’s better than distracting yourself with a good love story? Jim and Pam are probably the most frustrating couple there is. Although, they are definitely relationship goals. Their love story will have you intrigued the whole time and wanting to know more. It lets you escape from the stresses of finals and dive into one of the greatest love stories out there.