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Where is Taylor Swift’s New Album?

Swifties have one question: Where is Taylor’s new album?! Swift’s album ‘Speak Now’ was released October 25, 2010. Her next album ‘Red’ was released October 22, 2012. And her latest album, ‘1989’ was released October 27, 2014. So here we are, in October of 2016, and we are hoping for a surprise new album. But will we get what we want? Fans have even looked in depth enough to even predict a date: October 23.

Tswift fans are on a mission and discovering clues left and right to determine whether she’s actually going to drop some new music for us, and we think she might! Although she has not blatantly said it, we are picking up what she’s putting down.

First, rumor has it that she has been spending a lot of time in Nashville, Tennessee where she typically records her music.

Scott Borchetta, a rep from Taylor’s record label tweeted that Taylor would not be releasing any new music this year. But if you creep on his twitter profile, that tweet is no longer there. Hmm.

On October 22, Taylor is headlining the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Pix in Austin, Texas. What would be better than wowing the crowd from a concert than releasing a top secret album the next day?!

If you know anything about Taylor, you know her favorite number is 13 (also the date of her birth). Is it a coincidence that if you add each number from the predicted release date: 10/23/16, it equals 13? 1+0+2+3+1+6=13. #MindBlown

So, what do you think? It’s been a crazy year for Taylor, between her breakup with boyfriend Calvin Harris and all the drama with Kimye, but will it bring her down?

We don’t think so. Taylor cares about her fans too much. She is not only an icon, but an idol. So now we must wonder, what will the album be called? Has she already had time to write about the breakup, or is it happy songs from when she was still with Harris? And will there be a tour coming up? Because that would be the perfect Christmas gift. Taylor, please don’t let us down!

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