What Your Lipstick Says About You

Fall is upon us and that means it’s time to start changing everything up— especially our look and what make-up we’re using! There is something about putting on lipstick that just makes you feel like such a woman, ya know? Lipstick has become one of my favorite go-tos for when I go out, but the color you choose to wear says a lot about you.

Plum/Purples: This lip color is for the diva you’re trying to bring out tonight! It’s an edgy, daring and bold color that is great for when you’re feeling outgoing and sexy. Plum/purple lip colors are one of my top choices. 

Red: Red lipstick is in its own world. Whenever you think of the word ‘lipstick’ most likely you’re going to think of the color red. It’s a classic lip color that is for the girl who is feeling fierce, and confident.


Nude/Mochas: Nudes and mochas are more of your everyday lipstick color and are there for the more conservative situations in life. These colors are for a pretty, casual look. I have a mocha lipstick (MAC Satin Lipstick in Mocha) that I use almost every day and I love it! 


Pink/Berry: Pink is a sweet color, but it’s also a very flirty color. It was made for the happy, bubbly personality. Pink/Berry is the lip color you choose when you just want to talk and flirt your butt off. There is no other way to describe it!

Orange/Tangerine: Orange lips are crazy and for the girl who is willing to take a risk. It’s so different and so out there! But why not, right? If you’re feeling glamorous and you want to make a bold statement, rocking orange lipstick is a good place to start!