Uber Safety: What You Need to Know

Don’t be so quick to trust your Uber driver…

Or better said: who you THINK may be your Uber driver.

There have been various cases involving people posing as Uber drivers attempting to kidnap young women who appear to be waiting for the popular service.

As an unlicensed adult, Uber has been my lifesaver as a college student.  Spanning from those who don’t have cars to those who just simply need a DD for a night out, this app has got you covered.

However, hopping into the wrong car could be a terrible mistake.  Bad guys exist in the real world, but only we can protect ourselves.

ALWAYS CHECK THE PLATES.  Every Uber request tells you what type of car will be picking you up in addition to what their license plates are.  Make sure to check and there definitely will not be a mishap.

GIVE YOUR DRIVER A POP QUIZ BEFORE GETTING IN.  This guy should know what your name is.  Ask him who he is waiting for to make sure he is the real deal.

DO NOT JUMP INTO THE FIRST CAR YOU SEE WITH AN UBER LOGO ON IT.  I could print one of those out and stick it on my grandma’s car.  Don’t be fooled!

BE SMART.  Uber impersonators are a real threat that you should know about.  Always keep an eye out and spread awareness to your peers.