Transfer Student Struggles

You got some credits under your belt, but now you're at a new school trying to learn the ropes again…. like a freshman all while trying to act like seasoned veteran (which you kinda are).

1. People asking you if you’re a freshman. 

It was alright the first week, but this is getting annoying. I guess I need to wear a Class of 2019 t-shirt.

2. You’re reliving your freshman year 

Sure you have college credits and experience from your last school, but you’re still reliving aspects of someone’s freshman year. New school, new location and new set of friends you have to make.

3. Transferring Credits

Don’t be surprised when those one or two English or History classes you poured your blood, sweat and tears to get a B- or C doesn’t transfer over correctly, and you have to take it all over again.

4. Your fellow upperclassmen don’t know you ​

When you’re a transfer student, you’re not a freshman, but at the same time, you don’t know your fellow upperclassmen. So it’s funny; you’re a sophomore or junior, but don’t know the kids in your grade as friend groups have already been formed. It’s like joining the cast of a popular show in it’s second season after everyone has gotten well acquainted.

5. You don’t know where your classes are

New school means new campus to navigate. So you’re in same boat as freshman who are expected to be lost on campus. But don’t be worried, by the end of year you’ll know the shortcuts and places to avoid.

6. You have to memorize your new student ID number

For the next couple of months, I’ll have the most puzzled face when someone asks for my 8-9 digit ID number, which requires me to keep pulling my phone out.

7. You miss your old friends

Makes me wish I could take them along with me on my new journey. If you’re like me, you’re probably still facetiming them in between classes.

8. Professor and Dining Room Hacks

Going to a new school, it’s best to meet with veteran students to know whose class to take and who to definitely avoid. Now you’re at new school, you have figure what days to avoid the dining hall or times exactly, and what meals work for you and what doesn’t.

9. Campus slang is very foreign to you

Shartels? Thotwinik? Huh?

10. Attending a school with Greek Life for the first time

I’m so overwhelmed. Which one do I pick?

11. Last ones to register

When you have to wait until everyone else picks their classes before you can pick yours.

12. You’re the newbie of the clique or squad you join

Everyone is talking about so and so and campus life related things and you’re hella confused because you've only been here a month or two.

13. But at the end of the day, you’re glad you made the switch and keeping your fingers crossed you graduate on time.