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Top 5 Annoying Things Only UNH Students Will Understand

Our charming little campus has its quirky details that make it unique from all the others. By quirky, I mean infuriating. There are just some annoying things about college that only UNH students can really relate to… 

1. No, I do not mean University of New Hampshire.

I proudly attend the University of New Haven, and if I had a dollar every time someone confused these two, I could probably afford my tuition. Explaining that there are a couple of UNH’s is getting exhausting at this point. Yes, we exist and I swear, we’re cool, too.

2. My family is convinced I’ll find myself a spouse from Yale.

No one seems to understand that romantically falling in love with a doctor on the streets of New Haven is a lot harder than it sounds (trust me I’ve tried). I have more of a chance getting kidnapped by a stranger in a white van than I do getting myself a genius from Yale to marry me.

3. I sweat way more walking up to North than I do during my actual workout.

I don’t know whose idea it was to place North Campus on top of a mountain. It honestly might as well branch off and become its own school. Why do I need hiking boots just to get to my car? Why is the football field so far away that the game is usually over by the time I even arrive? WHERE ARE THE DAMN CAMPUS COURTESY VANS WHEN WE NEED THEM???

4. Avoiding people is impossible.

It happens to the best of us. You wake up, and just know it’s gonna be a bad day. All you want is to roll out of bed, slip a hoodie on, and avoid interaction with anyone for the sake of your own sanity. Lucky for UNH students, we get to miss out on that luxury. Every 10 steps, you’re guaranteed to bump into someone you know. It ranges from last year’s crazy roommate, to your ex, to that professor you absolutely hate. You’re bound to come across every human you have ever met within the first few minutes of leaving your dorm room.

5. The C-store’s outrageous pricing.

The C-store is the reason we all run out of dining dollars in three seconds, and there is simply no way around it. We can complain about it all day long, but we all know in the end, we’re guilty of waltzing in and going on a regretful shopping spree at least once a week. Oh, $8 for a box of cereal? Seems reasonable.

I think it’s safe to assume the UNH student body is with me when I say college can really grind your gears sometimes.

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