The New and Improved Barbie

When you first think of the name Barbie, you think of a doll with bleach blonde hair, ridiculously long legs and an unbelievable face and body. After years of criticism about Barbie’s unrealistic proportions, Mattel has finally delivered in recent years a rebranded Barbie doll into a new project called “Project Dawn.” 

After hearing of such a high demand for Mattel to create a doll that is more representative of the woman in the world, they have finally pulled through. Mattel’s “Project Dawn” is going to feature Barbie dolls with seven different skin tones, 24 different hairstyles, 22 eye colors, and four realistic body types ranging from curvy, tall, petite, and the original Barbie body.

The project of rebranding Barbie was started in 2014 and was inspired by Mattel’s huge drop in sales. In 2014, Lego passed Mattel as the biggest toy company in the world, and the Elsa doll from Disney’s Frozen started to become more popular than the world famous Barbie doll.

A Barbie doll is an iconic girls toy. Changing the design of Barbie to make the dolls look more realistic to real woman in this world  will be very beneficial for Mattel and on young girls. They are going to see a Barbie doll that looks like them, and they are going to want to play with that doll, and it can give them the opportunity to use their imagination of who they can be in the future. Making this huge change is definitely a step in the right direction in changing the public’s attitude of Barbie, and also a great way to help promote body positivity and showing diversity and different kinds of beauty among woman.