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Meet Sophomore Gio!

Name: Giovanni-Marie Roper

Goes by: Gio

Major: Psychology and Communication

Hometown: Stratford, CT

Fun Fact: I absolutely love Chipotle!

Best class she’s taken at UNH so far: I would have to say my favorite class has been LEGOS! LEGOS is a leadership course that is offered to first year students. Not only did LEGOS inspire me to become a leader on campus, but it also gave me the resources that I needed to help become a leader here at UNH.

Favorite UNH event: I honestly love SOAR! I loved SOAR when I was a student, and I loved SOAR even more when I was an Orientation Leader this summer. I had an amazing experience seeing the Orientation program from a different perspective. I grew a lot as a leader and a person throughout my experience as an OL. I also really loved meeting the new students. The class of 2020 is a great addition to the Charger Community and I know that they will do wonderful things on our campus!

Hobbies: I’m really into photography! Photography is my favorite way to artistically express myself. I also really like to binge watch shows on Netflix while eating junk food.

Celebrity Role Model: My celebrity role model would have to be Xavier Omar. He is a singer who believes in being true to yourself despite the influences around you. He is also very creative, honest, wise, and inspirational. 

Dream Job: As of right now, I think that my dream job would be in the Student Affairs field! I haven’t decided what I would like to do within Student Affairs at the moment. The staff in the Student Affairs department here at UNH has inspired me to go into Student Affairs because of how much they have impacted and inspired me in the short amount of time that I have been at UNH.

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