Meet Alumni James Crowell ‘14

Name: James Crowell
Hometown: Acushnet, MA
Major/Minor: Biology with a minor in Chemistry for undergrad & Education in graduate school
Relationship Status:  In a relationship with the writer
Her Campus: What is the best class you’ve taken?
James Crowell: Neurobiology of the Human Brain with Dr. Flay. It was a student run course that let us learn and teach about various aspects of the human brain.
HC: What was your favorite UNH Event?
JC: Probably Homecoming.
HC: What is your dream job? 
JC: I would love to be a professor some day, but for now, I’ll stick to a career as a middle school science teacher.
HC: What are your hobbies?
JC: I love playing sports. Doesn’t really matter which one, I’ll attempt to play whatever. I still like to pretend that I’m athletic.
HC: What are your future plans?
JC: I plan on finishing up my teaching certification and having my own classroom by next year.
HC: What is a fun fact about you? 
JC: I’ve known exactly what I’ve wanted to be when I grew up since I was 12 years old.
HC: What advice do you have for current UNH students?
JC: Get involved wherever you can. Stay active and engaged and be sure to make as many memories of your college years that you can.
HC: What activities were you involved in during your time at UNH? 
JC: I was pretty involved during my time at UNH. I was actively involved with RecSports, the Freshmen Experience program, I was a senator for USGA, and I was also on the E-board for Sigma Chi. I was also a member of the Honors Program while here.
HC: What are you currently doing with your life? 
JC: Right now, I am working as a long term substitute teacher at East Haven Academy, teaching fifth grade English and Social Studies. 
HC: What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?
JC: Definitely the “Aha” moment. After working with a struggling student for a while, there is a moment where the concepts and everything that I’ve been trying to teach them just clicks. That moment where it all comes together is what makes my job so rewarding and one of the main reasons why I started teaching.