A Letter to My High School Best Friends

Being halfway done with college really makes you start to think about how much growing up you’ve done the past few years. We all left something so familiar to us to go to a new place, different schools with new people, to explore who we are, make positive changes in our lives, and to learn about what we want to pursue in the future.  

But I know I couldn’t have made the friends I have at school today if it wasn’t for my friends at home. I can only thank my best friends from home for teaching me what to look for in a friend. So I just want to say thank you my best friends…

Thank you for showing me what to look for in a friend.

All of your kindness and trustworthiness has really rubbed off because it has made me be cautious of who to trust and who to be friends with at school. All of you have taught me something special about friendship in your own way, and I will always be grateful for having friends like you. Everything I’ve learned from our friendship, I look to find with other people when we’re apart. Especially personalities like all of yours!

Thank you for always remembering to catch up with each other eventually.

I know we’re all pretty bad at keeping in contact for long periods of time with each other because of our hectic schedules, but the best part about not seeing each other all the time is when we do have time to catch up, we get to learn about what has been going on in each other’s lives. It’s so exciting hearing about all of our accomplishments and everything we’ve been up to the past few months.

Thank you for still being the best friends a girl could have even after high school ended.

You always hear the stories of friendships that disintegrate after their freshman year of college. But I am so thankful that that didn’t happen to us. I’m so thankful that we’re all still best friends because I don’t know what I would do without you girls in my life. I’m so happy that when we reunite it feels like no time has passed. We go back to our normal conversations, like nothing has changed and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. You’ve all changed my life for the better in different ways. I can’t wait to look back on our lives when we’re older and remember all the memories we’ve shared, and conversations we’ve had. You guys are the best friends in the world.

Thank you for being you.