Gotta Hate 'Em: The Massive List of 85 Pet Peeves

Our favorite things to hate are here! Here is the list of pet peeves that I, and a few of my friends, have come up with. So if you do any of these things, better check yourself before you annoy everyone! Here we go:

***= HATE

1. Chewing with your mouth open

2. Heavy breathing

3. Not saying ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes

4. Not holding a door open for the person behind you

5. Not saying ‘thank you’ when someone holds a door open for you***

6. When people don’t have any manners***

7. Cursing way too much in one sentence

8. Openly talking about your sex life in public

9. Burping in public***

10. Talking about farting in public or actually doing it and not trying to hide it (disgusting)

11. When people don’t put their blinker on when making a turn

12. Slow drivers***

13. Overly excessive honking

14. Driving with a dog on your lap

15. Texting and driving/talking on the phone*** (it can wait)

16. People who talk in third person

17. When people say something was awkward when it wasn’t awkward

18. Littering (just throw it out!!!)

19. Feeding seagulls at the beach

20. Screaming children in restaurants

21. People who ask questions during a movie

22. People who text/look at their phones at the movies (UGH)***

23. When people don’t know the difference between your and you’re

24. When people don’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re

25. When people don’t know the difference between to and too

26. When people stop in the middle of a crowded, busy area (MOVE OUT THE WAY)

27. Limp handshakes (dead fish)

28. When someone asks you to repeat yourself because they were too busy texting someone else to listen***

29. Scraping your teeth on your fork***

30. Leaving hair in the shower drain or on the shower walls***

31. Parking across two parking spaces (don’t be an a-hole)

32. Not putting your seat belt on (what is the point of not wearing it)

33. Couples who sit on the same side of the booth at a restaurant

34. When there is one piece of food left on your plate but you’re too full to finish that one piece ***

35. Leaving the toilet seat up

36. When someone is telling a story about someone you’ve never met and acts like you’re supposed to just know who it is*** (Megan who???)

37. When someone starts to say something and then they go, “never mind”  (alright then)

38. Chronic bitch face (smile sometime)

39. When you’re really telling the truth but no one believes you

40. When people complain that they’re “so fat” when they’re not fat

41. Leaving lights on when you’re not using them***

42. When people ask for advice and then do the complete opposite***

43. When people say they’ll be there in 5 minutes but keep you waiting forever

44. When people give you a hard time about being too drunk (who cares)

45. When people give you a hard time for throwing up cause you were too drunk (again, who cares)

46. When you’re having a great time and that ONE person kills your vibe (hate u)

47. When you just put on mascara and then you sneeze (ugh)

48. When someone is walking really close behind you

49. When a place gets your order wrong***

50. When you have to walk past a sprinkler and you look really cute today

51. Slurping

52. When people talk over you (just let me finish)

53. Hickeys (gross)

54. People who don’t shower frequently (also, gross)

55.When people are weather confused with their outfits (check yo self)

56. When people lick their plates

57. Hash-tagging too much

58. Talking in text speak out loud (LOL)

59. Cancelling plans at the last minute***

60. Having to repeat yourself multiple times***

61. Opening something the wrong way

62. When the sticker doesn’t fully peel off of something

63. Feeling like a third wheel when you’re with two people who aren’t dating

64.When someone’s clothes don’t match

65. When someone asks for help and then corrects you***

66. When people don’t clean up after themselves***

67. People who complain about something but don’t do anything about it (get off your butt)

68. When people walk on the wrong side of the hallway or walk through the wrong side of the door to enter/exit a building

69. When you’re trying to vent and they turn the convo onto themselves (this is ME time not YOU time)

70. When people ask you what’s wrong and you don’t feel like talking about it but they keep asking (leave me alone plz)

71. When someone Snapchats you back but doesn’t text you back

72. People who don’t put on a new roll of toilet paper

73. When someone asks you to tell them a story and they stop listening to you half way through***

74. When someone borrows something of yours without asking***

75. Loud repetitive noises such as car alarms and sirens

76. People who step on the back of your flip-flops (the worst)

77. When someone ruins the ending of a show that you’re watching***

78. Snapchat stories that are 200 seconds long

79. People who take 500 videos at a concert

80. People who have novels as their Instagram caption

81. Couples in the honeymoon phase (we get it, thx)

82. Couples who talk to each other in baby talk (goo goo ga ga)

83. Talking loudly for no reason

84. Snapping your gum

85. When you think something is annoying, and someone tells you it isn’t (k.)