Get to Know Jill Marena!

Here are the basics…

Name: Jillian Marena

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Wethersfield, CT

Major: Psychology

Relationship status: Taken (sorry boys!)

Twitter/Instagram: jillmarena15

Now let’s go a little more in depth…

HC: Are you involved on campus? If so, with what?

Jill: I am involved in the psychology club, recsports, and I volunteer at the PTSD center through the Miss. Kendra program offered at UNH.

HC: What’s your most memorable moment from freshman year?

Jill: When I think of Freshman year I will always go back to my first Homecoming weekend. It was really the first time I got to see the University come together and have fun. All my friends and I watched the football game and had a weekend we will never forget.


HC: What’s your most embarrassing moment from freshman year?

Jill: So it was when people found out I coincidently had a single handicap room in Westside and my friends started telling people I had a prosthetic leg.  People believed them and would ask me to see my leg.


HC: Any advice you would give a freshman at UNH?

Jill: Don’t wear your lanyard around your neck.


HC: Where is your favorite place to eat on campus?

Jill: Sandellas, I get the broccoli cheddar chicken rice bowl. It’s so good and can usually last me two meals.


HC: What facility do you utilize the most on campus?

Jill: The gym definitely, I always go to the group X classes and I play on a couple different recsports team year around.


HC: Favorite course?

Jill: Introduction to psychology, I had a great prof. and it inspired me to change my major to psychology.


HC: Favorite part of UNH?

Jill: UNH has their own campus in Italy where I plan on spending in spring 2017.


HC: Fun fact?

Jill: I don’t know how to ride a bike.