Get to Know Glenn Rohrbacker!

Name: Glenn Rohrbacker

Hometown: Holbrook (Long Island), NY

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Major: Communication (Journalism)

Year: Junior

Campus Involvement: The Charger Bulletin, Fully Charged, USGA, WNHU

Her Campus (HC): What’s your favorite eatery on campus?

Glenn: Sandellas, if I had to pick one.


HC: What’s the best class you’ve taken?

Glenn: Probably Writing for the Media with Josh Kovner. It was the first time I felt like I was learning something I really enjoyed.


HC: What’s your go to hangout spot on campus?

Glenn: My office.


HC: What’s the best dorm to live in at the University of New Haven?

Glenn: Probably Westside, even though I didn’t live there.


HC: What was your worst subject in high school?

Glenn: Anything math related.


HC: What’s your favorite University of New Haven event/tradition?

Glenn: Spring Weekend has always been a great time.


HC: What’s your dream job?

Glenn: Editor in Chief.


HC: What’s your dream city to live in?

Glenn: New York or L.A.


HC: What’s your favorite thing to do in downtown New Haven?

Glenn: Go to Shake Shack.


HC: What are your hobbies/talents?

Glenn: I’m a musician, and I DJ.


HC: Who is your three celebrity crushes?

Glenn: Selena Gomez, Selena Gomez, and Selena Gomez.


HC: Who is your celebrity role model?

Glenn: Is Barack Obama a celebrity?


HC: Who is your favorite artist at the moment?

Glenn: My overall favorite artist is John Mayer, but Jon Bellion is where it’s at right now for me.


HC: If you could be any character from Friends, then who would you be?

Glenn: I am Chandler from Friends. End of story.


HC: What is your dream career?

Glenn: Something in journalism or politics.


HC: What is your favorite meme?

Glenn: I’m really into these Meryl Streep memes that just started, but Barack and Joe will always be a classic.


HC: What is a fun fact about you?

Glenn: I know more about the show Friends than a normal person should.


HC: What is your favorite quote?

Glenn: “If the First Amendment means anything, it means that a state has no business telling a man, sitting in his own house, what books he may read or what films he watches.” - Justice Thurgood Marshall.


HC: Is it hard being so far away from home?

Glenn: I’m only a two hour drive or a ferry ride away, but I like being on my own and the town and area around UNH is fairly similar to where I live on LI.


HC: What’s your favorite part about being the Editor in Chief for the Charger Bulletin? 

Glenn: Being EIC allows me to make a lot of important decisions that affect a lot of people. I am able to make decisions that affect the way the campus community sees the university, the local area, or the world, and I take it very seriously. But, I enjoy being able to have that influence.


HC: What’s your advice for the class of 2021 next year? 

Glenn: Don’t wait for inspiration. Go out and make opportunities for yourselves. Do as much as you can, pack your schedule, and do things that you love. Something I learned early on in college is that if you don’t love what you’re doing, then do something else.

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