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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New Haven chapter.

The world is getting more creative with ways to be environmentally friendly, and now, those ideas are becoming fashionable. Companies are now creating clothes with sustainability in mind to combat fast fashion, a leading cause of pollution. Unfortunately, eco-friendly fashion generally costs more, but there are several brands that are college-student-budget friendly as well. Here are 15 brands that are as good for the earth as they are for your wallet:

1. H&M Conscious Collection

H&M’s collection is not only environmentally conscious but also is easily accessible. They have a wide selection of clothes from undies to maternity clothes, and they’re both trendy and affordable.

2. Everlane

Everlane features quite a few expensive options, but they also have a wide range of affordable basics. The choose what you pay option helps to organize the clothes into categories based on budget!

3. Brain Tree Clothing

Brain Tree has an incredible amount of variety to their clothing, and they offer both women’s and men’s styles for prices almost as pretty as the clothes. Clothes are made from naturally grown cotton, hemp, wool, and bamboo, and their bamboo leggings look super comfy.

4. My Sister

My Sister is not only eco-friendly but also works to stop human trafficking. Their environmentally conscious clothes are designed to make statements that challenge sex trafficking. They sell both men and women’s clothing. Pretty much everything is under 50 dollars!

5. Krochet Kids Intl.

The Krochet Kids can be little bit more expensive, and their products are pretty evenly distributed through the $20-100 range. They have lots of versatile tees and accessories for women, men, and children! The company also helps to create jobs, provide education, and mentor people in Peru and Uganda.

6. Mayamiko

Mayamiko uses textiles from local fabric markets in Malawi to create beautiful clothing. Their vibrant clothes come in limited availability but are well priced and gorgeous, especially the shirt/short pattern combos!

7. Naja

Naja is an environmentally conscious lingerie brand that aims to empower women. Their bras aren’t much more expensive than a department store’s, and many of the designs are gorgeous. Their Cheeky Knickers, while expensive for underwear, are so cute and funny—it’s totally worth it to #treatyoself.

8. People Tree

People Tree has a wide range of clothing, varying from affordable to somewhat expensive. The clothes are a little less fashionable than other brands, but with such a wide range, there’s something for everyone.

9. Bead & Reel

Bead & Reel products are made with zero waste, and they “rescue” pre-owned ethical clothing items in good condition and re-sell them for reduced prices. While many of their products are expensive, with a little searching, you can find some extremely cute pieces for more feasible prices.

10. Shift to Nature

Shift to Nature has lots of trendy clothing along with basic wardrobe necessities. They have women’s, men’s, and kid’s styles and even offer free worldwide shipping. Their Eco Active line is fairly priced and adorable. Sweating has never looked so good!

11. Nisolo

While many of Nisolo’s products are expensive, they have quite a few well-priced jewelry options. It can be difficult to find ethically made jewelry that is both affordable and adorable, but Nisolo has it covered!

12. Thread Harvest

Thread Harvest has pieces more on the expensive side of the spectrum, but their clothes are undeniably pretty. They have men’s and women’s fashions as well as charming accessories. They also sell socks that support different charitable efforts, like providing clean water to those in need!

13. Ash & Rose

This site is generally expensive, but it’s understandable because their clothes are gorgeous. It’s perfect for a little splurge on some quality clothing for a special event—or sale hunting. Many of their accessories are also on the more affordable side as well!

14. Symbology

Most of the clothes on Smybology’s site are over $100, so it’s better for once-in-a-while purchases instead of regular shopping. Still, they have beautiful handcrafted clothes that are sure to “wow” in any occasion.

15. Reformation

Pretty much anything sold by Reformation is too expensive to be casual, daily clothing, but when it comes to formal wear, they have decent prices. Their dresses are so gorgeous—it’s hard to imagine anyone not being able to find something.

Fast fashion and low prices can be so tempting, but with ethical clothing, slightly higher prices give higher quality, longer-lasting items. Shopping has always been fun, but now, you can look good, feel good, and do good all at the same time.

Hi! My name is Caitlin Duncan. I'm from Enfield, CT, and a senior at University of New Haven. I am the Co-Founder and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus New Haven. I am also a Founding Member of Alpha Sigma Alpha's Theta Omega chapter. In my free time, I can be found singing Taylor Swift, reading, or cuddling with my dogs, Paisley and Mandy. Feel free to contact me at caitduncan@hercampus.com! HCXO!