The Election is Over: Let's Celebrate!

Finally, November is here, which means the much anticipated 2016 Presidential election is finally over! Yes, Trump beat the odds and won. There is no going back now. Some people are happy, while others are terrified, but let’s just celebrate the fact that there will be no more ridiculous debates. I’m sure a lot of other people feel like I do, and I am OVER IT! Here are some random, but perhaps very helpful ways we can all get our mind off of this insane election, and focus on ourselves.

1. Start exploring new hobbies and ways to keep busy. Maybe read a cookbook and put some recipes to the test, or practice baking some pies so that you’re a perfectionist by Thanksgiving dinner!

2. Find a local park or nature center to release your inner worries. Exercise is a great way to free your mind and release stress. Put on a few layers and take a walk or run outdoors and soak up the beautiful Fall scenery!

3. Find a new Netflix series to binge watch. Winter is quickly approaching, and who doesn’t love lying under some warm blankets with hot cocoa watching one episode after the other of their favorite show while it’s snowing?

4. Attempt doing some puzzles or mind games such as Sudoku, word search or crossword puzzles.

5. Get a pet! Dogs are a great therapy for stress, but if you’re thinking a dog is too much responsibility, try a hamster, or even a fish!

6. Start preparing early for Christmas! Plan your wish list, and ask around to see what your loved ones want. Start shopping early and have a clear plan for Black Friday Shopping! Everyone loves a sale.

7. Get your gal pals together and enjoy a girls’ night! Go out dancing, grab some good food or even just chill in P.J.’s for a movie night.

And there you have it, 7 totally fun and rational ways to get your mind off of the election. I’d like to end this article by saying congratulations to all of the Trump supporters. And to Hillary supporters (or democrats in general), I am so sorry. Just remember, we must stay united and we must do our best to respect one another’s opinions.

As Tim McGraw would say, “Always stay humble and kind."