Campus Cutie: Tyler Sirois '17

Name: Tyler Sirois

Hometown: Newton, New Hampshire

Major/Minor: Criminal Justice: Investigative Services with a minor in Spanish

Year: 2017

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Campus Involvement: Orientation Leader, Note Taker

Favorite Eatery on Campus: WOW Cafe

As of now, what is your favorite class?: Criminal Justice Problems Seminar

What has been your favorite thing about UNH?: My favorite thing about UNH has been living in Bixler, 5th floor my freshman year!

Hobbies/Talents: Camping, drawing, hanging out with friends, family time, watching sports

Dream Job: K-9 police officer

Future Plans: I plan to graduate from UNH and then attend graduate school. I would like to end up somewhere within the FBI or DEA someday.