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9 Reasons Why Elle Woods is the Hero We Need


Legally Blonde may be turning 16 years old this year, but it’s still relevant in the form of Elle Woods—one of the most iconic characters to ever grace a movie screen. If you ever need some Elle-motivation, here are 9 reasons why she’s perpetually the best.

1. She’s determined.

Describing Elle Woods in one word is almost impossible, but if it must be done, then determined is probably the best option. From getting into Harvard Law to winning back her ex—to winning an intense trial almost singlehandedly in her freshman year, if Elle puts her mind to it, then you can bet she’ll get it done.

2. She knows beauty is only skin deep.

As much as Elle cares about beauty, she knows that it’s more important to be pretty on the inside. Elle’s kind and charitable nature makes her a gorgeous person all around.

3. She is the queen of snapbacks.

While Elle always gives people the benefit of the doubt, some of her snarky peers aren’t so kind. Although kindness always trumps hate, sometimes you must stand up for yourself.

4. She doesn’t let stereotypes define her.

Elle is constantly stereotyped, and no one at Harvard takes her and her love for pink seriously. But, Elle doesn’t let it get to her. She hits the books and proves herself all while wearing some seriously fabulous outfits.

5. She stays positive.

Elle faces so many challenges at Harvard, like strict professors, mean girls, and pretentious people everywhere. Even facing this daily, she keeps going and takes time to try to help other people. She doesn’t let anyone tell her what she can or can’t do.

6. She’s human.

Unfortunately, Elle does go through a pretty rough patch when she finds out Callahan never really saw her as anything but pretty. Elle is at a pretty low point, and almost leaves, but with a little encouragement and a lot of friendship, she comes back better than ever.

7. She fights for what she believes in.

Elle stands for many things, and one of her most important virtues is kindness. When she found out one of her favorite companies still tested on animals, she was not about to let it slide. Thanks to her passion, she got a bill passed and had all the animals released, despite politicians actively working against her.

8. She’s creative.

When Elle started her campaign for Bruiser’s Bill, she definitely didn’t take the traditional route. With help from her sisters and some Congress members, she put on a Million Dog March that was unlike anything Washington had ever seen. Her creativity helps her spread the word and passion to other people in Washington!

9. She’s confident.

Elle is confident—but in so much more than her looks. Elle knows that she’s pretty, but she also knows exactly who she is and what she wants—and isn’t afraid to go for it. No matter how rude her peers are at Harvard or in Washington, Elle never changes her fabulous self to please them.

Elle Woods is often overlooked because she’s a character that people don’t take seriously, but she’s a golden role model for girls everywhere. She shows that you can be pretty and smart, that kindness is most important, and that no dream is out of reach if you work hard enough. So, don’t be afraid to like pink and glitter, or just generally be girly, because being a girl is pretty awesome.



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