8 Helpful Tips to Capture a Guy's Attention

Listen up, ladies! There are always a few things guys are really looking for in a girl. They can be very picky people when looking for someone to date but, just like us girls, we all have our own personal characteristics that we look for in a significant other. Guys have their own list of characteristics, so if you’re really trying to capture a guy’s attention and want him to start going crazy over you, than you most likely have to possess some of these qualities to make them really start thinking about you: 


Confidence is probably one of the sexiest things someone could have. Yes, we all have those days where we feel bad about ourselves, but most of the time if we’re confident in ourselves it will really capture a guy’s attention. They’re not going to be interested in someone who has no confidence, or someone who is over-confident, so show those boys that you know what you want! 

Ability To Hold A Conversation

If a guy comes up to you at a party and seems interested in having a conversation, don’t just give him one-worded answers or avoid eye contact—he’s going to think you’re an awkward person that can’t hold a conversation. Yes, you can be nervous if a cute guy is coming up to talk to you but remember that you are a hot, confident woman and you know how to talk to a cute boy. Boys will really appreciate it if you know how to hold a conversation and will remember you the next time you see each other. They’ll think to themselves that you’re an interesting person who they will want to get to know better! You want to feel like this after a conversation…

High Standards

Most people don’t really find it attractive if someone sleeps with a new person every weekend. It can be a big turn off for guys and gals, but in college it’s not seen to be that big of a deal if both guys and girls have slept around with a number of people. Nevertheless, if you really want a guy to be interested in you, have high standards for yourself. Most guys would definitely go home with an attractive girl after a party one night, even if they knew she had a reputation for getting around. However, don’t be surprised if they don’t want to pursue anything with you afterwards. They’re not going to be interested in pursuing any sort of relationship with a girl that sleeps around a lot. When us girls have high standards it makes us so much more appealing, and guys are going to have to put a lot more work into getting to know us which is a great thing! There’s going to have to be a “chase.” Which is a beautiful thing because that means the guy is going to be so much more motivated to get to know you and that can allow for actual feelings to develop.


Guys love when girls are outgoing and not afraid of what other people think. They want a girl who is confident, as previously mentioned, because it’s always hard to talk to someone who is super shy. Guys really love when a girl is not afraid to put herself out there.

Sense Of Humor

If you can make a guy laugh, and you laugh at their jokes, they’re going to think that is an attractive quality about you. No one likes a “Serious Sally” all the time-- it’s always nice to see someone’s funny side once in a while. Everyone loves to laugh, and that is always a plus and a good sign when trying to catch someone’s attention. 

Standing Out From The Others

This is probably one of the hardest things a girl these days can accomplish. It’s hard to show someone that you’re different from any other girl, but there is always uniqueness to everyone out there. Guys aren’t interested in girls who want to be like every one else, they’re looking for the ones who stand out from the crowd and who are different, because different is a good thing. They meet tons of girls all the time, don’t be afraid to show a guy who you are, and what makes you special because they want to know!

Being Successful

Don’t be afraid to tell a guy about your accomplishments! They think a girl with goals and ambition is sexy. They want a girl who they can be proud of and that they can show off. They want a girl who is going to push them to be someone better, not a girl who will limit them.


College is probably going to be the most fun 4 years of your life! Guys are going to want to be with a girl who is exciting and enjoyable to be around… not a girl who is a “Debbie Downer” or boring. They want a girl who is not afraid to let loose sometimes on the weekends, and a girl who knows how to have a good time. Fun is attractive, so when a guy sees you having a good time it’s going to make them relax and feel comfortable around you.

Don’t be afraid to show a guy who you really are, always be yourself, have fun, and make them chase after you because you’re worth it.