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7 Reasons Why Paris is Amazing

Traveling to Paris was hands down one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was everything I could have ever dreamed of and more, and I definitely hope to return in my future. I’ve always seen amazing pictures online, but they don’t do it justice. If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Paris, then it will not disappoint—and here are 7 reasons why.

1. Romance

Everything in Paris screams romance. It would be impossible to pass up a trip with your significant other.

2. Croissants and coffee Shops

After sight-seeing and touring through museums, the perfect way to relax for a little while is to sit back in a cute coffee shop while eating a famous French croissant. So. Delicious.

3. Notre Dame de Paris

This Cathedral blew my mind. The detail of the façade is so perfect, and the stained-glass window inside had the most beautiful colors.

4. People watching in a public park

Paris’s parks and gardens are the perfect way to pass some time and really take in all of the beautiful surroundings—no matter what season it is.

5. Macaroons

I’ve never had a more amazing Macaroon than the ones from Paris.

6. The Louvre

The Louvre was such an amazing museum to be able to visit and soak in. Seeing the real Mona Lisa was certainly awesome.


7. The Eiffel Tower

Even if the past 6 reasons to go to Paris didn’t persuade you enough, then the Eiffel Tower should do the trick. Everyone should have the opportunity to see something so famous, breathtaking, and iconic. I got chills when I saw the Eiffel Tower lit up in the colors of the French flag and again when it began twinkling in white lights. Going to the top of the tower was also an incredible experience. Looking down on all of Paris, I felt on top of the world, and it is something I will never forget.

I highly suggest for anyone and everyone to add Paris to their bucket list, so they can fall in love with discovering all aspects of the world the same way I did.

Hi! I'm Danielle and i'm an undergraduate at the University of New Haven dreaming of experiencing all the world has to offer. I am a psychology major with a passion for helping others and expressing myself through writing. You can probably find me on the beach or outdoors, and if not i'm definitely binge watching Netflix. Follow me on social media @DMarieCxoxo :) 
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