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Your Guide to The Most College-Core Sounds of Raleigh

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

Raleigh has a culture of its own. Home to all from NC State’s campus, to an NHL team, to the North Carolina General Assembly, there’s never a shortage of people–or lack of culture.

The sheer number of young people in the city has allowed for the building of an entertainment-driven culture, and the emergence of a niche music scene with a built-in cult-like following. Playing at small venues with large crowds, announcing shows often mere days in advance, there’s nothing better than being in the audience. 

If you’re into spending your Friday nights listening to local talent and immersing yourself in an environment that will make you feel like you haven’t another care in the world, here’s your guide to the most college-core Raleigh-based bands. 

5) Riverdawg:

Featuring a mellower sound in their three-song EP (The Unit Sessions) and single entitled Stacy, Riverdawg beautifully blends elements of electric and acoustic with consistently captivating drum and piano parts. 

4) Avent Ferry Band:

Having showcased their unique and offbeat sound at Blue Door and The Pour House, Avent Ferry Band has proven themselves to be present in the Raleigh music scene, and not without a dedicated following–the catchy atmosphere created by the music and the energy of the band itself more than proves it deserving of the attention it’s receiving. 

3) Moving Boxes:

With an incredibly modern pop-punk energy emanating from all aspects of the band, it’s not difficult to see how Moving Boxes has gained and maintained a cult-like following. The band’s original song Bed Bath + Beyond my Breaking Point sounds like it jumped out of the 2000s pop scene and then fell into modern indie punk, creating a very distinct, and impressively addicting, musical aura. 

2) By George:

One listen to love in a machine is sure to have you singing it to yourself all day long. Seemingly straight out of a 2000s coming-of-age movie, By George manages to create a stunning blend of intentioned vocals and catchy instrumentals–what some may call the perfect road trip music. It’s no surprise that their current tour spans six states over three months. 

1) The Layaways (author’s pick)

Creating music so good you’ll want to show it to your mom (who is sure to look at you in disbelief when you tell her the band is composed of five NC State students). The Layaways may only have one original song out (Miss Grenade), but it’s what some might just venture to call perfect. Their covers might even have you questioning whether the originals are as good–from Kilby Girl to Drop the Guillotine, it’s simply impossible not to find yourself putting The Layaways’ music on repeat. 

Riya Kannan is a first-year student at North Carolina State University, studying English and Economics. Though this is her first year as a member of Her Campus, she is incredibly passionate about the intention behind the magazine and is determined to contribute to such an important cause. Outside of Her Campus, Riya is a staff writer with NC State University’s student newspaper, Technician, and a contributing writer at Keke Magazine, a youth feminist online and print publication. Between these two positions, she has written in a plethora of sections–most predominantly news, including business and politics, and culture/entertainment, including film and television. Her expertise in these subjects largely relies on her self-motivated interest in the disciplines, and her determination to ensure that the public stays informed. Riya is also an active member of other groups at NC State University, including Habitat for Humanity and the Financial Literacy Club. Riya was born and raised in and around Greensboro, North Carolina. She loves hockey (though she’s a Canes fan by default, she would never deny her love for the Leafs or Rangers), and enjoys watching movies and TV (possibly to a concerning degree). Her favorite movies include Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Barbie, The Social Network, Priscilla, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and any of the Spider-Man movies. Her current favorite show is Succession, though it should be noted that she's on her sixteenth rewatch of FRIENDS. Riya also loves stand-up comedy more than almost anything and is reluctant to admit that after Taylor Swift, John Mulaney is her most listened to artist on Spotify. She aspires to live in and work out of New York City after graduation.